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8 Top Tips For Losing Weight In January!

OK, so the festivals have ended and it's time to get back on track, and make 2008 a year to achieve your health and fitness goals.

The simplest way to start back is to undo any damage cancellation over the Christmas period, as quickly as possible. Within a week you could've shed recently gained weight and returned to your former glory. Follow my 8 tops tips for starting 2008 and you'll soon be feeling revived and alive!

Tip 1: Weigh yourself … There's no bigger incentive for getting you moving again! What did you weigh before Christmas? What do you weigh now? How much have you earned, or have you remained level? Without you take action now, that extra 'festive' weight could still be hanging around your midriff come Valentines Day ..

Tip 2: Give your body some much needed rest by getting to bed earlier. After a week or two spent socializing, traveling and not needing to work, chances are you've been burning the candle at both ends. Catch up on your sleep and feel 100% better!

Tip 3: Get back into the routine of eating regularly and ALWAYS start with breakfast. Your body clock might be a bit out at the moment, with late nights, long lie-ins and late lunches and dinners. Help your body get back to healthy, regular eating, by eating every 2 or 3 hours.

Tip 4: Conquer dehydration! Let's be honest; most of you will have succumb to alcohol over Christmas and neglected your water intake. No wonder you start the New Year feeling groggy, tired and lethargic! Reacquaint yourself with that water bottle and start reviving your cells, your skin and your moods!

Tip 5: It's time to bin the chocolates and Christmas trees. Everyone likes to indulge at Christmas, but the New Year is here and it's time for them all to disappear. If you still have excess chocolates, cakes, junk food or pies left over, get rid of them NOW. Otherwise you'll carry over those bad habits into 2008 and there'll be no cut-off point. It was fun while Christmas lented, but now it's time to get back to business.

Tip 6: Get back to exercise. YES, you knew it was coming … Start moving again and you'll instantly feel the cobwebs lift! Do not count exercise as a New Year's resolution. Treat it as part of your everyday activities that you've always done. New Years resolutions are usually broken. Everyday tasks have to get done. If you can not get back to the gym yet, get outside and enjoy the fresh air or try a quick 5 minute bodyweight circuit at home.

Tip 7: Set new goals for 2008. Without your own goals to aim for, you're likely to lose your way and get distracted. Make this year THE year that you lose weight, tone up, get fitter and take control of your eating habits. Click HERE to read my goal setting guide.

Tip 8: Simple – eat more veg! Sounds daft but it's effective. By eating more veg, you cut down on starchy carbs like bread, pasta, rice and processed foods; muffins, buns, pastries, pies and chips. Starchy carbs affect your blood sugar levels and make you hungry more often.

Follow these 8 simple tips and you will feel revived in no time at all, ready to face the year ahead!

Source by Simon Dainton

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