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A Weight Loss Diet is Not Temporary

When I have looked for diets in the past, I try to pick a weight loss plan that I can manage while still enjoying eating. Weight Watchers is one diet plan that the participant is taught how to eat healthy. The goal is not to drop weight fast so that you can go back to your regular diet habits as soon as possible. The goal is making the right choices of what you are going to eat.

This is a weight based diet where the larger you are the more calories you can consume in a day. As you do have weight loss, the number of calories for each day is reduced. The best part is that I can still indulge my sweet tooth as long as I count the calories.

A quick weight loss diet I have tried is Atkins. My idea of ​​a diet would be heavy on the carbohydrates and the sweets but there has not been a diet like this that I have found. So Atkins it is. This diet was a good fit for me. I did not feel deprived all the time and I did not feel hungry all the time as I have in the past with other fast weight loss diets.

Atkins Diet is heavy on protein which means dairy and proteins mainly. I actually ate better on this quick weight drop diet than I have on any other diet. Most diets limits your portions of meat stating that it should be the size of your palm. With this diet I could go heavier on the meat and it really did keep me full. The weight fell off quickly and I was quite pleased.

A Weight Loss Diet is Not temporary. The attitude that a quick weight loss diet is a diet you can keep in your closet and dust off whenever you have weight to lose is a misconception. To be successful and keep weight off, you have to change your attitude. Food has to be seen as nourishment and not eating when you are bored or stressed, happy or sad. It is a way of life and should be incorporated into your diet habits.

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