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A Weight-Loss Method That Simply Works

I am just a regular guy who was overweight for years. I found a method for losing weight that worked for me and I will share it. However, I'm not a doctor or health care professional and I have always been fairly healthy. Please consult with your doctor to finalize a weight loss plan that is right for you.

STEP1: Is There a Problem?

Many people feel the grass is always greener on the other side. Being overweight is not the source of all a person's problems. Is your current weight causing or likely to cause you health problems? Is your current weight making it harder for you to perform tasks at home and work?

STEP 2: Assessment and Monitor the Problem

Calibrate your scale to read 0 when you are not standing on it. Weigh yourself consistently everyday and record your weight. Your weight will fluctuate several pounds through the day, so try to be consistent and honest with yourself (its just a number). After a week of recording your weight look at the results to see if your gaining weight, losing weight, or holding steady.

STEP 3: Search for an Activity You Enjoy That Happens To Be Exercise!

While I'm exercising, I never think about burning calories or losing weight. If I did then time would pass very slowly and I would want to quit. Instead, I let my mind wander freely on something else. The truth is I do not exercise for the sake of exercising! I like to look for deer at a national park for an hour or two. While I'm looking I happened to be hiking. Look for one or more activities you can do regularly (group football or basketball may be fun, but how often will you play?). You may have to experience many different activities before you find one that works for you. Brainstorming activities does not lose weight, so get out there and try new things. It may take you some time to find an activity you like, but when you do it will be worth it.

STEP 4: Control Food Cravings

Food cravings can be spontaneous, strong, and relentless. Fatty, unhealthy, inexpensive and tasty food is easily available 24 hours a day. Cravings can be overbearing if you are hungry from trying to lose weight by eating less of everything. Try to eat healthy meals when you are hungry (lots of fruits and vegetables), not snacks and dessert. Anticipate cravings and have healthy food available. I find that exercise (your activity in step 3) suppresses my appetite.

STEP 5: Set Gradual Weight Change Goals

If your assessment results (step 2) show you are gaining weight then your first goal should not be to lose weight. Instead set a goal to keep your weight fairly constant (stop gaining weight) for a week. Next set a new realistic goal to lose a few pounds at a time. Remember that good results will motivate you more than anything will. Setting unrealistic goals may demoralize you.

STEP 6: Adjust Your Activity's Intensity Duration and Frequency to Reach Your Goal

If my results from step 2 show I am gaining weight, then I may spend 2 hours looking for deer instead of 1 hour. I may look every day instead of every other day. I may decide to hike a little faster. I do not recommend exercising at a dangerous intensity, duration, or frequency to accomplish unrealistic goals.

STEP 7: If your not satisfied with your results or your situation changes go back to step 3

Maybe your activity does not have the calorie burning potential that you thought it might. Perhaps you have just grown tired of it. Do not give up! Try something else. If a natural disaster closes the park near me then my situation has changed. I will go back to step 3 and search for a new activity.

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