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Baby Boomers and Weight Loss

The baby boomers consist of 76 million consumers approaching the aging years. Ask any person if they are happy with their weight. Everyone wants to lose weight. Weight loss is the baby boomers largest concern. In a recent study, the top three concerns for baby boomers are weight loss, cardiovascular health and digestive health.

There is no real secret to lose weight. The first goal is to set a realistic weight loss goal. Then eat 4-5 small balanced meals, no sugar and limit the high food carbohydrates like bread to only in the morning. Most people see a real difference when they exercise each day. Exercise each day at least one half hour to one hour of walking, dancing, running or jogging will have quick results.

Many people want to use meal replacements drinks like One Step because it offers nutrition, easy to use and tastes good. One Step is filled with all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients you need for one meal. In addition, they are low in calories.

The popularity of One Step meal replacement is the combination with a total body cleansing formula based on the latest nutritional research. "One Step" begins with hypo-allergenic, enzymatically predigested soy protein concentrate, and then packs in powerful antioxidant and anti-aging nutrients, plus an array of nutrients found to be useful in weight loss programs, for immune support and intestinal health.

One Step meal replacement comes in great chocolate and straw flavors. You can choose from many of the meal replacements on the market today. They come in a drink or powder to mix. They are considered medical foods or functional foods because they are so good for you.

Glutamine powder was designed for body building and sports nutrition because when it is paired with exercise, promotes lean muscle mass and cell growth.

Metabolize is an all herbal formula created to help metabolize the fat and lose weight. Metabolize has a mixture of herbs such as Licorice Root, Ginger Root, along with digestive enzymes amylase, protease, and lipase.

Today, Baby Boomers are searching for interesting new ways to prolong their health and vitality. Staying fit and healthy keeps boomers young and youthful. Health drinks filled with nutrients can be a supplement with meals too.

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