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Battling My Weight Problem

When I was young and lean, I could eat anything I want and all I want without gaining any additional weight. I didn’t have to worry about how many calories are in one cheeseburger or how much fat is in that weekly pizza. When I heard stories and saw ads about people struggling to lose weight, I simply thought it couldn’t happen to me. I was practically in food heaven in the early years of my life.

Cruel reality came when I hit my twenties. I began to gain weight gradually. At first I didn’t notice until my parents gave me a heads up. It happened too slow for me to notice so I began using the bathroom scale. I was in for a surprise: I’ve gained 30 pounds since my last physical, which was a long time ago. Fear began to set in. I was afraid of all the problems that might happen: Losing my self image, my way of eating, health problems, and all the other things that weren’t evident yet. However I refused to let fate take its course.

I began to eat low fat and low calorie foods after doing some initial research. Didn’t work for me that well. I was basically starving myself and yet I didn’t notice any weight loss after shedding off the first few pounds. What I hated the most was the starving aspect of the diet. Why was I starving myself purposefully? I’m living in a plentiful, industrialized country for god’s sake! I then tried a the low carb method, which I quickly find out was practically the same as the previous method. I couldn’t eat more than an apple per day! What’s the point of living if I have to feel so miserable about eating so little?

After scrounging for more weight loss plans and methods, I stumbled upon diet plans that were less harsh than the previous methods but worked much slower. I tried it for about two months but only lost less than a pound! This might work if I went through the program all the way, but by that time, I would probably be in my forties already. Again I searched for more information and tried diet pills. Basically they were even worse than what I’ve tried before. I felt that the only value those pills had were their placebo effects. After searching for more weight loss methods and plans (many of which were basically copy-cats of one another), I was on the verge of giving up.

One fine morning, however, I stumbled upon a new theory on weight loss: The Shifting Calories Theory. I was intrigued because it was something unique. The theory basically states that our bodies metabolism burns future calories at a rate based on the average of how many calories the person has burned previously (a few days past). This basically means that our bodies’ metabolism has a sort of a memory of how many calories to burn. However, if we suddenly change the types and amounts of calories we eat, we can trick our body into burning more fat. Though there are more details, that’s basically how it works. And it does work, at least for me. I’ve already lost thirty-six pounds using this method. I’m not saying that all of the other methods are worthless, but if you’ve tried a lot of plans already but failed, you shot give this a shot.

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