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Can Fat Loss Pills Make You Fatter?

There are many different fat loss pills on the market today. Many of them sell you on the fact that they will help you to burn fat quickly without having to change your lifestyle or eating habits. But the dirty little secret that the diet industry does not want you to know is, some fat loss pills will make you fatter if you do not use them properly, and change your eating habits.

Do fat loss pills work? Without a doubt, yes! They work very well to do two simple things, to increase your metabolism and to suppress your appetite. Now, to be sure, some work much better than others and some actually do not work at all. Also, there are some diet pills that have come on the market that have been proven to be very unhealthy for people in the long term, so be aware.

Now back to the point. Fat loss pills are sold as way to burn fat quickly, and this most do well. The reason they work quickly is because they enhance and energize a body’s metabolism therefore burning more of the calories taken into the body and that have been stored on the body as fat. In fact, the problem with many of the fat burning pills is that they work too good.

What happens is, a person will take a fat burning pill or supplement and will see almost immediate results. This is because the body’s metabolism needs water to burn off the fat. So the immediate weight lost is actually water weight that has not been replenished. (So make sure you drink plenty of water if you decide to use fat loss pills or supplements.)

While the body is burning off all of that unwanted fat, the person taking the pills sees the benefit and continues taking the pills. But what happens many times is the dieter never changes their eating habits. In fact, some fat loss pills will actually make a person hungrier because they are burning off all those calories. Now, the person increases their diet to compensate for the hunger pains and creates a new eating pattern.

Eventually, the dieter gets to their weight loss goal, or runs out of money, and decides to stop taking the fat loss pills. Immediately, the water weight comes back and because the dieter now has a different eating pattern, he or she consumes more calories than before. Its only a matter of time before the dieter has added all the pounds lost along with a few extra ones.

The correct way to use fat loss pills or supplements is to both take the pills and alter your diet to a more natural and consistent amount of calories. If you have an eating pattern of many small meals, many times a day along with supplements, you will almost be guaranteed to have success in burning fat. But any way you slice it, you need to change your eating habits if you want to have long term weight loss!

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