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Can Pills Or Potions Help You to Lose Weight?

Most of us would love to find a pill or potion that effortlessly melts fat away providing us with whatever weight we choose. Unfortunately, on its own, it is very unlikely that any weight loss pill or potion could achieve a particular weight loss objective.

So why are there lots of people who claim that their favorite weight loss pill or potion has helped them to lose weight? It is because their success is always combined with two other essential factors – attitude and effort. These people believed that they would lose weight and they put effort into dieting and exercising as well as taking their weight loss product.

It is probable that in many cases, taking the pill or potion meant that the overweight person lost more weight than they otherwise would have done, depending on the ingredients of the weight loss product. At the recent launch of Alli in the Britain, the spokesman for the manufacturer proudly claimed that if the user lost two pounds per week by diet and exercise, following a course of Alli at the same time should increase that to three pounds weight loss per week. The manufacturers state that Alli should be taken alongside a low calorie, low fat regular workout plan.

What is generally agreed is that on its own, no product would enable the overweight user to lose weight. A willingness to change lifestyle is necessary. It is obvious that there would be no obesity problem if anyone could lose weight by simply taking a pill or potion.

There are many millions of overweight or obese people who have tried weight loss products, without particularly believing in them and without bothering to diet or exercise. Unfortunately, most of these people spend many years of their lives trying one pill or potion after another and constantly being disappointed at their lack of success at losing weight.

This can often lead to depression caused by the constant alternation between losing weight and then regaining it.

To achieve the required change in attitude may be easier said than done. Exercise is probably more important and permanent than dieting, but obviously takes more effort, time and, in many cases, money, than dieting.

The best way to become motivated to make the necessary lifestyle changes is probably to take small steps one at a time and not to scold yourself for lapses – they will occur. Visualising yourself at your new weight and how you will feel can often help, as will noting each of your achievements, no matter how small they seem.

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