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Can Weight Loss Help Diabetics Get Off Insulin?

The answer to the above question is that reducing weight can get one with diabetes off insulin and other diabetic medications so to reduce weight as a diabetic is not only good for you but it is also good for the cost of maintaining the disease as most diabetics who bringing their weight down are usually taken off those medications by their doctors. The starting point is to lay out a good weight loss plan by using the services of experts in the field because as one undertake a diabetic weight loss plan and starts cutting their weight down, special attention must be given to the blood sugar levels, insulin and diabetic medication so that if need be they may be adjusted to accommodate your weight loss efforts without jeopardizing your health in any way.

Experts say that when a diabetic losers even 10 lbs off their current weight, the health benefit is just great as this weight reduction helps reduce blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol and reduce the pressure that the overweight body puts on the hips, ankles, knees and feet. Apart from the above benefits, one will find out that their energy level had gone up a benefit that is worth the trouble it takes for you to reduce those weight levels in your body even if it is as small as 10 lbs. Obviously, more would be great but if you have been having trouble losing weight, then 10 lbs. would be the bare minimum to get those great benefits and enjoy them. When a diabetic decreases weight, he or she will find out that they get great energy, walk easier and better and even breathe easier. If one has a sleep apnea a condition which causes overweight people to snore at night and even stop breathing from time to time, when they lose weight, it helps them with their breathing and thus eliminate the stress that is put on their bodies at night when they slept having sleep apnea.

While it is easy to try to lose weight on ones own, doctors and diabetic educators advice that one consults with their doctor, nutritionist or diabetic educator before they embark on the incredible journey of weight loss for the diabetic. As mentioned above, even while losing weight, it is imperative that the vital signs of the diabetic be monitored so closely that the weight loss is done safely and efficiently and the results more beneficial to the one losing weight. This may not be the case for people who are healthy but for those with diabetes losing weight by itself is not recommended so consult an expert before you start any weight loss of exercise program to help improve your health.

The reason for expert monitoring of your weight loss program are many but the most noted one is the need to control the blood glucose well so that the sugar levels may go up or down during when you are trying to lose weight. It has been suggested that cutting down your daily calories to 550 calories per day is safe for someone with diabetes. Calories must be cut in all forms of foods from carbohydrates, fats, and even proteins. The idea here is that diabetics undergoing any form of weight loss through food reduction or exercise must reduce their caloric intake in every food that they eat. Lose that weight and your doctor may even take you off insulin and your other medications.

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