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Change Your Thinking For Successful Weight Loss

I have just finished watching The Biggest Loser (Australia) and what amazes me is how it feels so wrong. You see the immunity challenges seem like mental abuse to me, these people came to the camp to lose weight and now they are forced to eat chocolates and their favorite foods that got them to that position, so they do not get voted off the show . Fantastic entertainment though. Do not get me wrong, I know the results the contestants get for the period of time in the "Camp" is great, but who really has 8 hours a day, to train in the "real world"? Have the Contestants changed the way that think to sustain the results, which they have accomplished?

I have a friend who knows someone who was on the show a couple a years ago, he told me that as soon as she was out she put all the weight back on in a matter of a couple of months – and then some. One of the things about the show, they train these people so hard and so long that mentally and physically, they become "broken". All the crying, on the show. Which brings me back to the fact that, are they helping them change their thinking or just their physical appearance?

You see, everything starts inside you. Your thinking and the way you think forms your beliefs and your beliefs form your perception both about yourself and your life. These contestants have so much going on inside them that they had to turn to something, in this case food, for comfort. So it is more than just physical it also has to do mentally. Change their thinking and then you change them physically from forming the "right pictures" in their minds.

By changing your thought patterns you can change anything. Listen I'm not speaking hogwash here, I have also experienced being overweight, in fact at my highest I was 175kgs. I knew I did not want to be overweight as it also contributed to the degeneration of your health. I managed to get my weight down to 135kgs but I just stagnated and slowly it crept back up to 150kgs. See one of the things is, I always applied my thinking to other things but never to my weight loss and as soon as I started doing that coupled with working the right program – the results started happening. I've still got a little way to go but I'm a lot further along than I was 6 months ago.

Changing your thinking and taking action is what is needed for success.

Source by Nik Vaalele

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