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Common Myths About Weight Loss

Myth – 1 Eating after 8 PM cause accumulation of fat. One common theory is that our body burn only calories taken until 8 PM and calories taken after 8 PM cause accumulation of fat. Naturally, this is not true. Calories do not know the clock. Our body consumes same calories in the morning, in daytime and even in nighttime, if you are doing some work. There are reasons that make nutritionists to give this advice, but they derive from the standard schedule of everyday life. If you go to bed at 10 – 11 PM, indeed it is better to dinner until 8 PM. But if you go to bed at 2 AM you can dinner in 11 PM and the effect would be identical.

Myth – 2 Coffee helps in losing weight. According to the theory caffeine in coffee suppresses appetite and stimulates metabolism. Yes, but for how long and how many coffees should drink for the day to not feel hunger. The most important question is the price, after the excessive use will affect your nervous and cardiovascular system and what if you get insomnia, you will break the rhythm of your entire body. Feeling about dejection follows and it is naturally to increase food to try to fight fatigue.

Myth – 3 Smoking reduces weight. In the basis of this claim is the fact that the nicotine accelerates the metabolism and when you smoke you burn calories. But how many calories and are they more than one walk in the nature. What about damages to the lung, the cardiovascular system, nervous system, etc.? Appetite may be temporarily depressed, but this is a great deception and if you smoke a few cigarettes, you will feel insurmountable feeling of hunger.

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