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Create a List of Healthy Snacks When Dieting

Creating a list of healthy snacks is useful when you are dieting. Once you've developed your list, go to the grocery store and buy these easy to make foods. Stocking your pantry with tasty low calorie snacks is an important success ingredient for dieting. The reason is that you'll be a lot less likely to dine out or order in for pizza if the supplies you need to make a quick and healthy meal or snack are right at hand.

For instance, low fat microwave popcorn. Only 25 calories a serving, this can "tide you over" until the next meal. Also serves as a crunchy, salty snack when that urge hits. While fruits and vegetables of all sorts top the list of healthy snacks, here is a list of the kinds of foods you'll always want to have on hand:

o Frozen vegetables
o Pre Washed Greens
o Canned tomatoes
o Canned beans
o Whole grain wrap supplies
o Pre cooked grilled chicken breasts
o Pre cooked brown rice

As you can see, you could easily create several different meals or snacks with this combination of foods. Wrap the chicken breasts and greens for a healthy sandwich. Put a pot of canned tomatoes, canned beans, and frozen vegetables along with a couple of cups of water for a great vegetarian vegetable soup. Or, warm up the grilled chicken breasts and brown rice accompanied with a salad of fresh greens and you've got a complete meal.

I personally am lazy when it comes to snacks. It's really easy to open a bag of chips or box of cookies. I like fruit, but find that some of my favorite produce is hard to eat. For instance, I will not go to the trouble of eating an apple whole or even cutting it up. But when I buy prewashed, cut apple slices, I happily substitute them for prepackaged snacks.

Creating a list of healthy snacks is a great way to jumpstart your diet.

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