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Eight Safe Weight Loss Tips

If you want to lose weight safely, there are some simple weight loss tips that you can follow to do it. Thanks to TV and magazines most of us have a false image of our bodies on how we should look. Unfortunately this is more common with women than men.

By adopting a positive attitude about ourselves and being more objective about our outlook and situations, it will benefit you in more ways than just weight loss alone.

Safe weight loss is an age old combination of a calorie controlled diet and exercise, nothing more, nothing less. If you're overweight then you have to create a calorie deficiency and exercise more.

1) Calorie count everything you eat and I mean everything. This is easy to do as most food products with labels have the calories at the top of the list that's on the label. If you're buying lose items like fruit, then find and download a guide off the internet to get their calorific value.

2) Cut out all processed foods and those containing refined sugars, (junk food) especially look for foods that contain hydrogenated fats as these can not be easily broken down by the body.Reduce you dairy take as well.

3) Change your shopping habits and buy as much fresh or frozen cuts of meat / fish, fruit and vegetables as possible, you'll surprise yourself how easy it is to cook a fresh nutritional meal quickly.

4) Buy herbs and spices as some of these not only can enhance the flavor of your meal, some actually have a thermic effect on the body's metabolism. So now you have your calorie total, all you have to do is give yourself a calorie deficiency but not so great that you starve.

5) If you stick to six small meals a day ie breakfast, mid-morning snack, lunch, mid afternoon snack, evening meal, supper. This will keep the hunger pangs at bay and keep you metabolism going.Make sure there's a protein serving in every meal and make the meals smaller and drink plenty of water.

6) Start an exercise program, aiming towards cardiovascular exercises to make your heart work harder and keep your metabolism burning the body fats long after you've finished exercising.

7) If you can afford to, enroll in a gym and get a personal trainer to draw up an exercise plan. If you've been away from physical activity for a long time, then start at a regular pace that's suitable to you. Most trainers who are worth their salt will also include a diet plan.

8) Set attainable goals, not only for weight loss but measurements as well, say for example to lose 4lbs in a week and drop an inch a week.

After six weeks (which most programs say to do and you stick with it) you'll have lost 24lbs and 6 inches off your measurements, some maybe more, others maybe less.

How good would you feel then? Would not that give you the motivation to carry on with your safe weight loss program.

Source by Dave S Latham

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