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Fad Diets and Weight Loss – How to Lose Weight Properly

Fad Diets are not the answer to lose weight. There are much better ways to lose weight than putting your body through unneeded and unplanned stress. Losing weight is about a good exercise plan along with a good healthy eating plan. Losing weight using a fad diet rarely helps you lose the weight long term. It is imperative you find a plan that will enable you to choose the exercise you want, a healthy menu, and help you keep the weight you are losing off your body.

Exercise is one of the greatest parts of losing weight, but why is it one of the hardest to do? There are many reasons it may be difficult to exercise. You may have kids that require a lot of attention. You may have to work several hours of overtime a week. You may have several responsibilities that make it more difficult to exercise. In other words, there are several excuses that cause people not to exercise. I had a fence put in my yard this spring. The gentleman that came to measure was running, yes running, back and forth to his truck, from one measuring spot to another, and was driving me crazy. He then turned and asked if I knew why he was running. I said I did not, but it was driving me crazy. Well apparently, that was his time he had to exercise. He said that when he started the job, he was way overweight and needed to do something about it. He decided to make every measurement a workout. I, in turn, have tried to make my work a workout. I sit down most of the day, but since I figured out that there are possibilities to work out I am doing it. I always take the stairs. I park my car in the furthest parking spot from the building.

Another exercise tip is to engage in exercise that you enjoy. I love basketball, football, soccer, racquetball, tennis, and other ball sports. I also like jumping on the trampoline and biking on a real pedal bike. I dislike running, I don’t like swimming, and aerobics is out of the question. So what kind of exercise should I do? The answer is simple; the ones I like. I can spend hours shooting the basketball outside, even better with the wife and kids. I can spend hours playing racquet sports with my family, or with a friend, or just hitting the ball against the house. The choice is mine. As long as I like it, I am exercising. I am getting into better shape.

Choosing a healthy menu is critical for losing weight and better fitness. If your diet consists of fast food and deep fried foods, you may have the source of your weight gain already figured out. You should choose foods that are at the base of the food pyramid. Grains are the best. They provide your body with carbohydrates so you can keep going. Fruits and vegetables are great for carbohydrates and vitamins and minerals your body needs. Protein and dairy products enable your body to get the protein, iron, calcium and other minerals your body needs to stay healthy. We all like a little indulgence on the fats and oils once in a while, but on in excess. Once you understand the foods that are healthy and what portions you should be eating, you will be one step closer to feeling better. Make a menu that gives you a variety of foods that your body needs and can benefit, and stick to it. Do your grocery shopping with weight loss and fitness in mind. You will come out on top and achieve your goal.

After you start exercising and have your balanced diet, you will start to see the pounds come off, and you will be happy you made the life change to do it. You will feel great, have the energy you need and have the motivation to stick to your desired life.

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