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Find Time for Weight Loss – Part 1

There are 2 basic elements involved in losing weight and getting fit. You can have one without the other (like love and marriage) but I do not really recommend being healthy diet and unfit or being fit and overweight, although either option is probably better than your current situation.

If you are going to put the effort into weight loss, you should find the time to undertake a weight control diet plan and select several workout routines that suit you. You are then ensured of success in your weight loss battle.

Today, I'm going to give you 3 basic steps to implementing a suitable workout routine so you can lose fat. I will deal with diet planning in another article.

Workout routines are somewhat individual. Some people love walking, but hate the treadmill. Some adore yoga and baulk at weight training. Be assured that there are more than enough workout programs around for you to make a choice that you can happily stick to. But in order to take up any workout, you have to first find the time. The time is there, you just have to look for it. Here's how you do it.

Step 1: Acknowledge that there is time in your day for an exercise program. Look at all those fit and healthy people out exercising. How do they find the time when life is so hectic? What have they discovered that you have your squinty little eyes tightly shut against? You better believe that all of these people have made a choice to exercise rather than to do something else with their time. They have carefully selected a time of day that works for them so that they can maintain an exercise habit. You can too. Believe it and it will happen.

Step 2: Find the time for a workout. Make a list of everything you do in a typical day and how long it takes. You should take your time with this list. Come back to it later in the day or spend a day or two documenting your movements. Only when you are sure you've got everything covered should you make the next move. Ready? OK, go through your list and mark what you can cut out and what you can streamline. What can you delegate and what can you do smarter?

You do not need to work through lunch, get in early or stay late at your workplace every day. If you are working fixed and "can not" find the time, then you are in a dangerous space, (as I was). When you ever fall off your perch from overwork, which you will sooner or later with this attitude, no one is going to be appreciative of the fact that you worked yourself to death or debilitating sickness.

You do not need 8 or more hours sleep a night (the fitter you are, the less sleep you'll need and the sleep you have will be higher quality).

You do not have to relax in front of the TV or wind down in the pub as your daily leisure activity. You need to think of your workout as a leisure activity that you enjoy and look forward to doing. A positive attitude will bring long term success. Get those happy little endorphins flowing through regular exercise and you will not just be saying "this is great" you'll be believing it, because it is.

You need to find 1 hour. Find it. Break an existing habit and replace it now if you are indeed serious about losing weight with a workout routine. You are worth 1 hour of "me" time and that "me" time should be doing you some good.

Step 3: Be firm but flexible. No, I'm not talking about your body tone, though that's going to happen soon enough, especially if you start your fitness program with long, brisk walks 6 days a week. If you struggle to keep your exercise commitments, you have to reflect on what the problem is: do you get interrupts at this time of day, are you more of a morning person than an evening person, is the workout you are doing the right one for you? Time is flexible. Control it; do not let it control you. Do not be afraid to modify or move the workout routine you do, but whatever you do, do not stop exercising.

You have to find the time for weight loss or you are going to be frustrated and angry with yourself forever and that is not an option that you should consider. Find the time that you need, commit to your workout routine and get fit. It's going to happen for you. You've got all time.

Source by Rosie Peters

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