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Four Quick Weight Loss Solutions for Women

That's right, because our bodies are different, a typical weight loss program that works for men probably will not work as well for women and vice versa. There is literally a million (give or take a few hundred thousand) weight loss programs on the market today. Trying to decide witch program is right for you can be a daunting task.

So you are a little overweight, your spouse has not said anything (He knows better), your best friend hinted at it, and that dress you wish last year must have shrunk. Finally your doctor says you are a walking heart attack! Is that enough motivation?

To begin losing weight, and keep that weight off, you must want to lose weight. That may seem like a strange statement but if you are not willing to put your heart and soul into losing weight and getting fit, no program is going to help. It is the same as any addiction, smoking, alcohol, or drugs, you must have a reason to quit and a goal in place to work toward. Unfortunately, I believe this was many individuals failed to lose weight, and more importantly keep that weight off.

Losing weight is quite simple, right?

1. Exercise-don't over do it, three / four times per week.
2. Get lots of rest- regular sleep patterns help your body rebuild and rejuvenate.
3. Drink plenty of water- it helps flush your body of unwanted toxins.
4. Eat healthy- you do not have to starve yourself to lose weight, you have to eat the right things.

Sounds pretty simple, it's not, so I've put together a list of 5 programs that will help you lose that extra weight and keep it off. Any one of these programs work and each one describes a look. As always if you have any underlying health issues you should consult your physician before trying any of these.

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