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Healthy Weight Loss Tips For Everyone

So many times, I see people who are looking for how to lose weight. Are you looking to lose weight but have no idea where to start? I will give you a few weight loss tips which will hopefully give you the proper jump start.

Weight loss tip #1 – Keep a Journal To Help With Coming Up With A Healthy Weight Loss Plan

Keep a journal and record everything that you eat and drink. Perhaps put down your thoughts – negative, positive. By putting down your thoughts, you may be able to see a trend, ie are you an emotional eater and if so is it due to stress, anger, etc.?

Weight loss tip #2 – Get Rid of Unnecessary Fats

Your journal will also be able to help identify in what areas you are using fats and if they are healthy or not. Are you using mayonnaise, butter or margarine? If so, you’ll want to try and cut these things out of your diet.

Let’s get to the junk food. Ice cream, cakes, cookies, chocolate, etc. High sugar substances with no nutritional value. You will want to slowly phase these fat makers out. I would suggest eating them as a treat at a maximum of twice a week and try to get yourself to a point of having something from that list only once a week.

Soda – get rid of it! It contains a lot of unnecessary sugar. Get rid of the vitamin water as well.

Weight Loss Tip #3

Make sure to set goals and resolutions. You will want to set both short term and long term. This again circles back to having a weight loss journal. It will help you see and fully understand what you want and what is important to you. This in turn will help you with setting your goals.

Weight Loss Tip #4 – Do Not Deprive Yourself Completely

Please do allow yourself one cheat day a week where you do get to eat some (do not go overboard!) foods you wouldn’t eat during the regular week. This will help prevent you from feeling deprived and prevent you from going into a short depressed state.

Unfortunately many people try to go about weight loss on their own instead of looking for healthy weight loss tips and getting support. They end up suffering the consequences by negatively altering their metabolism, thyroid, and hormonal function.

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