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How to Make Your 2009 Weight Loss Resolution a Reality

Have you ever made losing weight as one of your New Year resolution? I am sure you had. But, how many actually make it to their desired weight? Resolution is only a dream if you do not make it a reality. Here's 10 tips for fulfilling your New Year's resolution to shed a few pounds:

1. Find Your Motivation

Aim for feeling better, not just looking better. Losing weight is difficult, but with correct motivation it can be easier and long lasting. Motivation for a healthy lifestyle leads to change and will result in a fitter you through the years ahead.

2. Get Your Head Out Of The Clouds!

Set realistic goals; it's the best way to lose weight and keep it off. Make you goal to reduce your weight by 10-15 percent, not 20-30 percent. Unrealistic goals only lead to gaining back the weight – and ultimate disappointment. In 2009, know what you can do and make it happen.

3. Take Notes, you'll be tested on this!

Resolve to keep a journal of what you eat each day and compare it to a calorie counter. It may seem tedious, but it can be a great way to jump-start your weight loss program. You'll notice quickly which foods hold the most calories and you can modify your eating habits accordingly.

4. 100 is Your Magic Number in 2009

Commit to cut 100 calories a day from your diet and replace them with activity that burns another 100. You can easily target these calories by keeping a journal! A few great ways to burn more are an hour of walking, 20 minutes of swimming or dancing around the living room.

5. H2O in 2009!

You've heard it a million times, but you're still not doing it! Drinking lots of water (8-10 glasses daily) curbs your appetite and aids in metabolizing fat by helping your liver rid your body of toxins. Make water the official rate of 2009!

6. Spoiled For Choices!

Limit certain food choices. Although a variety of different foods are important to a healthy diet, cutting down on certain food choices helps you lose weight. People tend to eat less when they are presented with fewer options. Variety is good with fruits and vegetables – but not with fatty foods or sweets.

7. Consistency is the key!

Maintain a consistent calorie intake through the day and night. Eating a larger meal during the day and a lighter one at night will help you lose weight. Big dinners lead to greater calories stored as fat, especially considering the lack of activity after that heavy meal. Make the conscious choice to manage your meals and you'll soon see the benefits.

8. Go Strong with Spinach!

Eat your veggies everyday; vegetables are low in fat, high in fiber and help fight cancer. Veggies are also packed with nutrition and have a powerful effect on sugar cravings. In other words, make 2009 the year of rabbit!

9. Lean, Mean, Healthy Machine!

Reduce the fat in your diet, ideally to less than 30 percent of your total calories. You'll lose weight and decrease your risk of some forms of cancer. Although the total amount of fat you eat is important, concern yourself with choosing mainly monounsaturated types of fat, such as olive oil

10. Fat-free Scam!

Adopt a healthy outlook and eating habits in 2009. You may think you're on the right track with fat-free cookies and chips, but they're not healthy. Choose delicious and healthy foods like berries, watermelon, roasted asparagus, grilled pineapple or sauteed mushrooms.

That's it and there's goes 10 sure-fire tips to your grand body of 2009!

Source by Dave Marsden

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