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How to Stop Sabotaging Your Weight Loss

If you have ever started a diet or exercise program, then sabotaged yourself, it probably happened because you were listening to the negative dialogue in your head. The good news is you can reprogram your thinking. Some effective ways of reprogramming your mind include affirmations, visualization and positive thinking. But without this "reprogramming" is linked to positive action, you are just daydreaming. Wishful thinking is just that – wishful. You can not wish your way to fitness. You have to do some heavy lifting.

Losing weight is not the hard part. The hard part is maintaining the discipline necessary to be successful over the long haul. Enthusiasm will only get you so far. At the start of any program, you must employ self discipline and willpower. This is the point where you just decide, then take those first wobbly steps toward self improvement.

With each step taken, the next one becomes easier and easier. You will start forming the habits and building the confidence necessary to reach your ultimate goal. It all starts in the arena of your mind. Control your thoughts and your actions will follow. The key is developing positive habits to replace the negative habits.

The Battle Begins in Your Mind

Your attitude is how you see things. The glass can be either half full or half empty, depending on your attitude. Your attitude is like a lens that determines how you perceive (and react to) events, circumstances, yourself and others. Most people allow present results to control their attitudes. If they have lost weight, then it is a great day. If not, the world is about to end.

If you want to be successful with your body you have to apply discipline to your mind. If you fault in the day of adversity you will struggle. You have to learn how to wage battle in your thought life while you workout your physical body to reach your fitness goals. That is what successful people have learned to do. Successful people adopt a positive attitude (by choosing to) in the face of difficulty.

This process of re-framing your reality can be traced to the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). It involves attaching a new meaning to some of the events that occur in your life.

Examples of re-framing reality include thinking of your "diet" as your "nutrition program." When you hit a plateau in a workout, instead of seeing defeat and quitting, you see it as a signal to change your workout.

Thomas Edison could have quit on his 10th, 25th or 45th attempt to find a filament for the incandescent light bulb. But fortunately for us, he kept going after thousands of unsuccessful experiments led to success in 1879. Edison saw every "failure" as merely another step forward to finding the solution to the problem.

So, if you have failed at fitness before, re-frame the experience as "another step forward" on the way to finding out what works for you. A fresh perspective will be the fuel that pushes you past the obstacles that would cause others to quit.

Source by Brenda Ross

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