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Is Hypnosis for Weight Loss What's Missing?

Is hypnotherapy for weight loss what's missing?

Everywhere you look, are literally hundreds of diets and weight loss programs are being advertised and around every corner is a person looking for weight loss help. According to the government obesity is fast becoming an epidemic.

Something is not working!

It does not take much to realize that effective weight loss is rare, it's because of one of two things.

1. The Program .. With all the promises the weight loss industry make, diets on the whole do not work. In fact only around 5% of people dieting are successful long term. Not very high when you consider the claims.
2. The Person .. The other possible reason is that people having tried and failed too many times do not bother with diets any longer, or have an eating addiction and can not even consider dieting.

I think it's probably a bit of both most people do not agree well with diets and most diet plans do not take this into account.

The few people that lose weight easily are those hardy souls that have the ability to just tough it out. Just like smoking, some people can quit without any aids. If you fall into this category there's no problem. But most of us do not have this ability we try, and very often manage to complete the diet only to put it all back thereafter. So we try again and we fail again and so on and ever we give up.

Let me tell you that this does not mean you have a weak will. Compulsive eating (food addiction) is considered by some experts to be more addictive that smoking and not many smokers can give up without assistance.

From personal experience I have discovered that you can never achieve anything significant in life without first achieving the right frame of mind. Once you get this right you can do just about anything, it is then just a process.

The way I stopped smoking was to set a date a few weeks since then and tell myself every day leading up to that date that I was going to stop smoking and imagined myself as a non smoker. That was 5 years ago, and yes I still do not smoke.

Subsequently I have discovered that I was unknowingly using a form of self hypnosis, which is quite common.

I have always had an interest in hypnosis and read extensively, born from the belief that we should be able to control our minds. I could not believe that we could have given this incredibly powerful tool without the means to have more control over its workings.

Now I know that we have … but like so many things in life you have to seek it out, and it is well hidden by its simplicity. Hypnosis is not the only way to directly access the sub-conscious mind but it is very definitely the most effective.

So combine hypnosis with weight loss and you get hypnosis weight loss, the most effective weight loss solution.

Source by David P Stanbridge

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