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Long-Term Weight Loss Tips

There are many ways to lose weight over the short term, cabbage soup diets, fruit fasts, universal contour body wraps, and forgetting about breakfast and these diets will work over the short term because there is a large deficit in calories, but they will only help the body get rid of water, not fat. It is fat we want to focus on losing in the body and keeps the weight off. Any form of starvation slows down the metabolic rate. This is not what we want to occur in the body when we desire to lose weight.

In order to burn 1lb of fat, 3,500 calories must be burnt. This may seem a lot but over the space of a week, it is only 500 calories per day. This can be reduced through the diet in a calorie-controlled diet or you could boost the metabolism, take in the same amount of calories and burn off the 500 calories through walking, and exercise. When the body consumes food, the body starts to instantly burn calories through thermogenesis, which occurs naturally in the body. Many of the best diet pills out there can cause this in the body too. The body will heat up and burn extra calories. More about this can be read in the diet pill reviews.

Dietary supplements can be effective together with exercise and a healthy weight loss program. So how can 500 calories be burnt off during the day? Through normal activities such as washing up, hovering, carrying shopping, gardening. This accounts for up to thirty percent of the daily calories burnt. If you want to increase this amount, join a gym or grab a skipping rope and perform three-five minutes of alternate jumps. Skipping is a very effective cardiovascular exercise and helps the body to burn many calories over a short space of time. Any exercise that works the heart is effective and can help the body to shift weight.

Eating regularly can cause a rise in thermogenesis throughout the day, through the natural heat that occurs in the body, which extracts the nutrients from food and digests them. This accounts for just ten percent of the daily calories per day. You can increase this by eating every three hours small snacks or fruit. This also prevails the hunger hormone, Grelin, secreting, and when the body feels extreme hunger, it may take in many more calories than normal.

Another effective long-term weight loss strategy is to work on building lean muscle tissue in the body. The more muscle the body has, the higher the basal metabolic rate, and this accounts for up to sixty percent of the calories burnt per day. Muscle gain can take place through resistance training, but to burn off the underlying fat, cardiovascular training should be incorporated.

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