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Lose Weight – 6 Easy Ways To Do It

Weight loss is an issue that many people find daunting. If there was a magic pill we would all rush to get it. But what many people overlook is the fact that there is indeed a magic pill, running. Research has shown that a person weighing over 140 pounds will lose on average 100 calories for every mile he or she runs. If this is so why are we not running? The reason is many people start with gusto but lose steam along the way or never start at all. These tips will make the whole exercise a joy.

1. Enlist help: It sounds so obvious but many people fail at this first step. Get family and friends onboard to help you as you go along with your weight loss regimen. Research has shown that people who have support structures keep off the pounds six months after they started. In contrast only a quarter of those who tried it on their own made it.

2. Plan a healthy diet: This is where many people get it wrong. After pounding around the neighborhood, gorging on the wrong foods just adds more calories. The end result is disappointment because there is no progress at all. The rule of thumb is to eat more of whole grains, vegetables and fruits while cutting down on foods high in fat.

3. Have a running plan: The best way to keep the motivation high is to have a plan. This will keep you focused on each day and what you have to do. Try to avoid the hype around commercial programs approved by celebrities. If you can find a medical center with weight loss programs, the individual attention from nutritionists is a big plus.

4. Keep it interesting: To keep your daily jog challenging, try to use different routines each day. The mind gets easily bored with routine. Try a new route and explore as you go along. This will make you look forward to each daily run. Avoid running too much during those early weeks. Ease yourself slowly into the routine and you will not have to deal with injuries.

5. Have realistic goals: We all aspire to look like those models on television. It is unrealistic to expect your waistline to drop in a fortnight. Set out your goals before you start and work on them. Our genetic make up is different and some people will lose weight faster than others. Do not dismay if it looks like you are progressing slowly, just keep doing it.

6. Stay informed: Get online and browse about weight loss pills. Information available can be in the form of Proactol reviews. It works by reducing cravings and stops the fat from being attached to your body. Online Proactol reviews are the best way to stay informed on the best weight loss pills out there.

If you keep your feet on the ground and follow these tips you should see a difference and experience a healthy life.

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