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Lose Weight Fast

In this beauty conscious world who would not like a toned and slim and trim look? But the problem is time and money. If the methods are something like losing 5 inches or 5 kg within a period of 3 months then they are expensive and if they are not then the time required looks ever stretching. How if you can strike a deal where you would not require striking a compromise with time or money? Well, I am quite sure that it would be great. So let us have a look at those methods that can guarantee you a very quick reduction.

Firstly you need to set a target for yourself which can be easily achieved by you. Do not set up unrealistic goals and then sit disheartened at the failure of not being able to meet it. Go a little patient initially and then improve on your performance.

You should understand your calorie intake and then determine the ideal calorie intake for a day

Make a list of all the food that you have from the time you get up in the morning till the time you go to bed. Specifically keep track of all the amounts that you intake, do not even miss the spoonful of sugar that you add in your breakfast tea. Now you need to check the amount of calorie that you intake per day. Maybe you can make this list for a week and not for the day to get a proper idea of the calorie intake. Usually on the cans of your food the calorie amounts are specified, and if not then you can type the names of the food over net and find out your calorie intake.

Now you can think of replacing those high calorific foods with healthy food, for example if you can think of replacing your coffee with black tea then you will be able to cut out a lot of calories. But never think of skipping your breakfast that would just increase your problem. A good breakfast would regulate your metabolism in such a way that you may not require to starve and go without food for long.

Always try to incorporate fibers in your diet because they are usually low in calories and at the same time high source of energy. Avoid red meat and switch on to lean meat and fishes like sardines and tuna which have very good antioxidant like qualities.

Drink water

You must drink plenty of water to burn down your calories and help you lose weight quickly. Minimum 8 to 10 glasses should be consumed by you so that you are able to ensure that every organ of your body is working properly.


Aerobic exercises can help you cut down that extra flab very easily actually. Swimming can help you if you are really overweight. They give you the same effect as running without creating too much of pressure over your joints.

So these are some of the easy ways in which you can reduce weight fast with the first one being the most important of all.

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