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Lose Weight Fat Fast A Reality Check

Here's a little twist on the whole fat loss principle. Have you ever heard of anyone becoming overweight from consuming too much fresh produce. Food such as skinless chicken breast, egg whites, tonnes of leafy greens, salads and fish. Not going overboard with the protein. But eating moderate whole grains (not processed). It's very rare if not impossible to gain significant amounts of bodyfat from consistently adopting this eating regime.

In this fast paced society in which we now live, people opt for quick meals which often mean 'ready made' such as takeaway meals, be that fast food chains or even bought in a supermarket. The variety is endless. It seems that home prepared food is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

People are so used to eating takeaways and junk. That there is no "normal eating" anymore. Normal for people these days is takeaway at least once or even twice per day.
So how the can you try and stick to a healthy eating strategy, when your "normal" eating is so far from the recommended baseline of how you should eat. Some people are no where close to eating health balanced meals. This becomes evident when diet is discussed and an eating plan suggested. Just by the persons responses it becomes obvious that in a matter of weeks that person will return to their previous eating habits and undo the good that was commended.

So what is the solution? I believe we need to make small but permanent changes to the way we eat. We need to slowly introduce some good habits so that our body (and mind) does not go into shock. This could mean a small change such as limiting the amount of softdrinks we consume for example. What I tell my clients to do is that I'll give them a year or even two years to try and stop drinking all soft drinks. This may seem lenient, the very positive exit would be when they finally give it up, they are highly undesirable to crave the desire to consume it again. It's a matter of giving it up now or giving it up later. Take your pick … but soon or later it will need to go.

The old saying: "all things in moderation" does not quite cut it any longer. The diet of older generations was more nutritious. This may have been due to the fact that society had less disposable cash or that there were less fast food outlets and the variety was limited. Meals were considered more as "home cooked" and wholesome (with less chemicals and processing) but these days peoples baseline eating is just way off the mark.

A vital piece of advice is to keep a training and diet diary. This assists you to track your workouts and more importantly track your eating regime. There's nothing like effective as knowing how certain foods or food combinations affect your body. Keeping a journal is crucial to your overall long term success. I have created my own training and diet diary which can be purchased here by following the prompts. I have received some very positive feedback from those who are using it.

Make it happen !!

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