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Lose Weight – Not Your Social Life

Got a party coming up where you know you'll be hanging around a table loaded with gastronomic goodies and you just will not be able to stop yourself? Try these ideas and see if you can keep your mitts off the mini pizzas …

Eat something before you go:

That way you will not be ravenous and will not feel the need to dive onto the table and hoover up the offerings.

If you're going to eat party food, go for:

Salads, crudites and dips, salsa, olives and bread.

Do not touch with a cocktail stick:

Mini sausage rolls, party pies, creamy dips, chips or mini pizzas.

Brush up:

Slip toothpaste or breath fresheners into your bag so you can clean your teeth after eating. Having a minty mouth will just make those chips taste 'wrong'.

Do not drink too much:

We've all been there after 14 glasses of wine it looks very important to have chips, profiteroles and coleslaw … on the same plate.

Bring your own:

If you know the food on offer will not help your hops and thighs, suggest to the party girl that you bring a selection of veggies and dips to help her out. That way, you get to eat healthy food and look like the best friend in the world!

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