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Picture Your Weight Loss Success

One of the most powerful success tools that will be in your arsenal will not have anything to do with food, calories, supplements or menus. As you have been told in your follow up sessions, a weight loss plan is not driven by the number on a scale. What you really desire is not numerical. It is not a plain flat number on your bathroom scale. It goes much deeper. You have done the exercises and talked about your "Why for Weight Loss" now it is time to put it down on paper.

It is time to go crazy, I mean really nuts! Dream, dream and dream some more. This powerful tool we are talking about is a dream board. Dream boards are incredible motivational and success tools! They are meant to be personal- very personal and your board belong to you and only you. This is an emotional exercise so get ready to dig deep. Follow these steps and remember, no dream is too big or too small !!! Have fun, let your emotions take over. Remember to shoot for the moon because if you miss you will land among the stars!

Get your glue, poster board and imagination ready!

1.) Set aside quiet alone time. Take at least 20 minutes and write down, in no particular order the desires of your heart. Places you want to visit, job positions, clothes you want to wear, make up you want to try, a new haircut, your dream date, the entry form for a marathon, a new home, a new beach house. You get the picture. Do not stop writing. Whatever comes to your mind needs to be put onto the paper.

2.) Now that you have your dreams down on paper spend the next several days looking through magazines, newspapers, websites, brochures, etc. and cut out as many inspiring images you can gather.

3.) Now is the fun part- glue, tape, adhere your inspiring images to a piece of poster board (available at Wal Mart in the school supplies). The poster board can big or small.

4.) Place your dream board on your desk, in your bedroom, next to your treadmill or any other place you feel will be the most inspiring. Make 2 dream boards if necessary-one for home one for the office!

Source by Christa Krzeminski

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