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Prepare for Your Weight Loss

P repare for your weight loss – When you go on holiday you do not wait until the day of departure to buy your sun creams or pack your bags do you? If you just jump straight into a diet after a sideways glance in the mirror it will be much tougher than if you prepare before hand. Things you should do are. Remove temptation by getting rid of junk foods, cookies, chocolates, etc. Take the deep fat fryer to the recycle center you will not need it! Drink plenty of water at least 2 liters per day, this will help remove toxins from your body and keep you hydrated. Get medical advice if you need to, especially if you are very overweight, taking prescribed medication or have any diet sensitive condition.

R ealistic goals and goals – setting your self a goal of losing 50lbs at 10lbs a week just is not going to happen. What will happen is you will fail in the first week, get depressed, give up and probably comfort yourself with a few chocolate bars, ending up heavier than ever. A couple of lbs per week will be realistic for most people. I know 2lbs does not sound a great deal but in seven weeks you will have lost a stone in weight. Remember it's probably taken months or even years to put the weight on so give yourself a realistic time to get the weight off.

E xercise – It's always a good idea to some moderate exercise. Go Walking, Swimming, Cycling, Join a martial arts club, Go to the gym. Buy a fitness DVD and dance about in front of the TV. It does not matter what you do just do something and do it now. Exercise will boost your metabolism and help burn the fat, sitting watching daytime television will not. As always if you are very unfit or suffer from any condition that may be affected by exercise consult your doctor for advice beforehand.

P ick a lifestyle change not a diet – Quick fix or very restrictive diets do not work because although you may loose at first, most of them are difficult to keep up long term and a lot of them are quite frankly a waste of time and money. There are diet supplements available that if used sensibly will help. However if you are going to buy diet or vitamin supplements make sure you know exactly what's in them. Again always consult your doctor if you are unsure.

A void Alcohol -While the odd drink does not do any harm, in fact there is some evidence that a glass of red wine every now and then is actually good for you. However alcoholic drinks are higher in calories than carbohydrates and will dehydrate you too. If you want to give your weight loss the best start give it up completely for a few weeks.

R ew success – Before you start your weight loss plan take time to make yourself a rewards chart for the first 12 weeks. It does not have to be complicated 'it could be if I lose 4lb in the first 2 weeks I will buy myself a new outfit. Again make the targets you set for your rewards realistic and achievable. So you could have small rewards every couple of weeks to keep yourself focused and plan a nice big reward if you hit your 24lbs in 12 weeks. After all, you will deserve it.

E njoy the challenge – The whole point of weight loss is to make you look, feel and actually be healthier than you are today. Chances are if you prepare properly you will find losing the weight much easier than you think.

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