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Proper Weight Loss

A lot of people want to lose weight fast. The most popular reason is that people want to look good in summer because when you go to the beach you have to take off your shirt. Nobody wants to look bad naked. Weight loss can be dangerous if you do not inform yourself. Taking magical pills or following diets which promise results over night can cause more negative than positive things. I will show you some easy steps on how to lose fat.

  1. Confidence. You must always know why you want to lose fat. If you are motivated all the time you can not fail.
  2. Set a goal. You should have an achievable goal. Set an amount of weight you want to lose in a specific time. In time you will see that you are advancing towards the goal and you will be more motivated.
  3. Determine how many calories you eat during the day. Losing fat is simple mathematics. Eat fewer calories than your body needs and you will lose fat. You do not need to starve. If you do not know your caloric intake just carry a piece of paper and write what you eat. At the end of the day just Google your food for macro nutrient info and sum up all the calories. When you get the number just reduce 500 kcal and you will lose weight.
  4. Divide your meals into 6 parts. This will boost your metabolism and help you burn fat faster.
  5. Exercise. Even though you can lose fat if you just reduce calories the best thing is to add exercise. Combining cardiovascular and weight training works best.
  6. Rest. You should sleep at least 8 hours. Body needs to recover from training.
  7. Consistency is crucial, you should focus on losing fat every day. If you are not consistent you will not achieve the results you expect.

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