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Quick Weight Loss Exercises – 2 Little Known But Powerful Workouts For Quick Weight Loss

If you are bored of doing the same old exercise routines, you are too busy to spend time in the gym, or if you are afraid of even mentioning the word exercises, then this article is for you. The following are two powerful yet simple quick weight loss exercises that will not only help you lose weight but lose weight fast.

Hindu squats

Yes that’s right. Hindu Squats can indeed help you lose weight quickly. The reason for it to be so good at weight loss is because it’s relatively hard to do. And its probably the hardest form of exercises you’ve have ever heard of. But if you want a powerful exercise that will guarantee that you lose weight then this is it.

Before you do this you need to be highly motivated and get in the right frame of mind. Ask yourself why you wanted to lose weight in the first place and then hold that reason in your mind. If it was because you have a flabby stomach then picture that flab in your mind and tell yourself that the most the more squats you do, the faster you will lose weight!

Here’s how you do a squat. You start off with your hands in front of you. As you squat, your hands should circle downwards towards the ground and touch the floor and then keep going and finally touch your hips. Now stand up and extend your arms out to the front to end up where you started off. And repeat. But the trick is to do this fast and many times per minute. That’s why its called a quick weight loss exercises. To lose weight fast you need to do it quick.

You cannot rest too much, since you need to do a lot of squats within a short amount of time. You need to do at about a hundred squats within five minutes period. Of course in the beginning you won’t be able to do as much, but do try anyway. Keep a count of how many you can do per minute and then try to beat it in the next minute.

Make sure you touch the floor every time when you squat because if you don’t then you’re cheating. So don’t’ cheat.

Mini-trampoline jumping

This is much easier than Hindu Squats. All you need is to spend just twenty minutes a day and 3-4 weeks to see real results. You might wonder where you can find the time to spend 20 minutes a day to jump of a trampoline. Well think of it this way: if you watch TV a lot and spend 2 minutes watching commercials, then you could be jumping on a mini trampoline instead. 10 commercials and you’ve spent 20 minutes exercising!

Quick weight loss exercises are a great way to lose weight but make sure you do it safely though. And combine it with other proven weight loss products and techniques.

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