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Strength Training For Weight Loss

High intensive training that involves cardio and full body workout is known as 'strength training'. Contrary to the popular belief, Strength Training not only adds stamina but also flexibility and agility. It goes beyond adding mere bulging muscles to the body frames. It is helpful for athletes from every sport and everyone who is interested in healthy living can gain benefits from such training program which helps them to get into shape while relieving them of their extra fat.

Such Strength Training that includes a high degree of flexibility exercises can offer a huge variety of options. Their intensity can be varied through modification and combination of several exercises. Thus they can be customized according to the muscular endurance, the required cardio-vascular condition of the individual that can result in the optimum balance, agility and flexibility of the body and which can amazingly be apprehended in a single workout.

This can be achieved with a combination free weights and machines, medicine balls, bands and tubing or body weight movements while performing them in a gym, home or outdoors.

Here, the focus does not lie on a single area or a muscle, the concentration is on the workout of the whole body. As a result the body gets turned into a fat burning mode. It develops into a somewhat sculpted work of art. You can workout on the flexibility and strength of your shoulders, legs, buttocks, abs, chest or back intensively at every session and repeat them according to the routine of the fitness expert. You can customize the intensity levels according to the requirements of your body. And as you repeat them, you maximize the possibility of fat loss.

Fat loss can be effectively enhanced if the training is performed in the alternation between heavy weight, high intensity workouts and light weight, moderate intensity workouts. The intensity can be gradually enhanced with time and practice. No special equipment is really needed for this workout because you can use just your bodyweight. Armed with expert advice, one can tone his / her muscles and shed his / her extra pounds by performing the exercises back to back in a non-stop fashion to create an interval effect for heart and lungs while training. The heart muscles will also get conditioned when the rest period is little or almost none.

Typically when just starting out with a strength program, getting accustomed to 20-30 second bursts of all out effort is fairly intense and will be suitable for most people to achieve desired fitness results.

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