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Successful Weight Loss – The Inner Game

Another Part in the Mix

When it comes to successful weight loss most of us think strictly in terms of calories, food-diet, and exercise as the elements in the equation of whether we will be losing or gaining weight. There is no doubt that these are important pieces of the process. It is nice and neat to think that since there are 3500 calories in a pound of fat then all we have to do is to have a daily 600 calorie deficit and an increased 600 calorie expenditure and we will lose 1/3 of a pound consistently each and every day. But is there more to the story than that?

Let me introduce you to the inner game of losing weight which includes the mental – emotional – spiritual aspects. Since the mind is the driver of everything we do or do not do, it does not make sense that we include it into the mix as an important key to weight loss? And yet how many people will begin at this point? When we start talking about the mind we think of this deep dark bottomless hole, and frankly, who wants to go there? Actually though it's not necessary to get into a deep inner investigation of everything that ever happened in your life and why. We can still benefit with just a little house cleaning.

By beginning at this point we can highly leverage the actions that we do take and get a great deal more co-operation from our bodies; which will make the process easier with less struggle and will more likely ensure long term success, and is not that what it's all about? It is also about focusing on feeling good and not about feeling pain, sacrifice, guilt, frustration, or hopelessness. And as a secondary benefit we come to experience the process of losing weight as empowering and meaningful which translates into success in other areas of our life.

A Holistic Perspective

The holistic model teachers that our body, mind, emotions, and spirit are elements of an indivisible whole of who we are. There are no unrelated parts. There are no loose ends. So the fact that you weigh more than you want is indicative of a broader issue going on. It's easier to see the manifestation in the body because that is visible while the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects are hidden within us. Neverheless, they are real and they have a huge impact on our life. To not see the situation from that perspective reasonably means that we will dance around the issue but not really get to the root. Therefore we just keep putting band aids on the symptom. Can you see why it is sometimes hard to make progress?

The Meaning of Imbalance

Now if we look at the issue of excess weight at its most basic level we can see that it is an imbalance. It is an imbalance between what we weigh and what we want to weigh. An imbalance is neutral. It is only a message. When you get on the scale it is giving you feedback. The scale is not good or bad (really it's not), it's only giving you a message. If you are riding a bike you are very glad to have feedback. If you did not have it or ignored it the result would be painful. So that your body is giving you this feedback is really a good thing. It is saying something is out of whack.

Another holistic concept is that the body serves as a metaphor for the other platforms of our inner dynamic. The fact that you have a physical imbalance is indicative of a defect imbalance within you. Often this imbalance has to do with the relationship that you have with your body. Do you appreciate it? Do you respect it and treat it well? How do you talk to it? And then, let me ask, how co-operative are you when you are treated rudely without respect? So would your body be any different? We are generally not trained to look at this aspect of the weight loss process. We are in a hurry and we just want to get it over with as quickly as possible and be done with it. But that's the reason the pattern repeats. We have not addressed the source of the problem.

By becoming aware of the inner game of weight loss success and incorporating it with whatever program you may be following you will see improved results. There are numerous simple good feeling exercises that will lead you to improved connections which will then highly leverage your results for successful weight loss. If losing weight has always been an issue for you then you owe it to yourself to incorporate this important ingredient into the recipe of your practice to enhance your success. Not only will you become healthier you will enrich your life in other areas as well.

Source by Glenn Stanza

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