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The 3 Major Keys to Weight Loss Success

When it comes to middle aged women trying to lose weight, it looks like we're all in the same boat – we all have at least 20 pounds to lose (which is significant), and we want to lose the weight now.

For some reason it's harder when you're older to take the weight off … it looks to creep on so sneakily that we hardly even notice it … then one day we realize that we're 20 or more pounds overweight and wearing double-digit sizes. How did this happen? And more importantly, how do we get the weight off?

I believe there are three keys to knowing how to take the weight off without much cost, experience, time, trouble, or sacrifice. You already know you want to take the extra weight off – now let's make it work!

Commitment: Most people who want to lose weight do not really make the commitment, and that is why they fail. Just like anything else in life, the best things do not come easily. You must make a commitment to yourself that you will do something to advance your weight loss plan every single day. Once that commitment is in place, the rest is easier.

I used several mind games with myself to stay on track … this is the one area where you can not fail – keep your commitment, and you will succeed! This is the most important key to weight loss – the belief that you can and will do it!

Nutrition: There are easy ways to get the nutrition you need while keeping your calorie intake low. Take in fewer calories than you are burning off, and you will lose weight – it's that simple!

Trust me – the first couple of weeks are the hardest … if you can get through them, you've licked the toughest part. Other than commitment, this is the next most important thing you can do to advance your weight loss plan.

Exercise: You do not have to join a gym, take up running or start lifting weights. Most people hate exercise for the sake of exercise – me included. Just find fun ways to get moving and get your heart pumping. I used lots of fun ideas that made it seem like I was not really "working out" in the traditional sense and I even got my kids involved in some of them! The trick here is to take action.

I'm lazy and like to take the easy road. I did that and still had wonderful success, and you can too! Remind yourself every day that you can do this … and you will find the road is fulfilling and the rewards are many.

Just think of how proud you will be of yourself a few months from now when, just like me, you'll be able to share your success story with others who will wonder "how did you do that?!?"

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