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The Weight Loss – Toxicity Connection

Are you doing everything right? Dieting by reducing your calories, eating all those vegetables and exercising daily but still not getting the results that you desire?

Enter "toxicity". Toxins are everywhere in our environment today. Toxins find their way into our food and water supplies, household items and the very air that we breathe. They also find their way into 'organic' foods that we purchase because these foods are grown in the very toxic air that surrounds us. I've seen organic farms that are located right beside apple orchards that are sprayed with pesticides and absorbing these substances from the air. Organic does not mean safe and non-toxic.

Toxins have been linked to reproductive problems, hormone imbalances and of course cancer. What you do not know is that toxins have an impact on weight loss.

In our cells, little organelles called the mitochondria produce energy. Toxins gum up the mitochondrial machinery and reduce energy production. Additionally, toxins can decrease your active thyroid hormone and you have a recipe for fatigue and poor health, not fitness.

The energy drain and reduced activity from this decrees our Basal Metabolic Rate, known in the fitness arena as the BMR so that the amount of calories we burn at rest drops. Of note, the largest amount of our calories are burned while we're at rest. Toxins also block lipolysis, which is our ability to burn fat for energy. When that happens the calories you do burn start to come from places other than fat, like your lean muscle mass, reducing your BMR even more.

Radical dieting makes the picture even worse. Toxins are accumulated in your fat cells over time and they come out of 'storage' when weight is lost and re-circulate making your body even more toxic. This starts that weight gain all over again, creating the yo-yo effect.

Reducing your toxic load can help increase your energy levels so that you actually want to exercise, will increase your BMR to burn more calories and increase your ability to use more fat for energy. Along with reducing your toxic load, you are decreasing your risk of chronic diseases that are associated with toxicity.

Nourishing your cells at the cellular level, making a low-glycemic diet a way of life will start you on the path to health and reduced toxicity. For more information on the appropriate nutritional supplement and a low-glycemic program feel free to visit my website.

Looking and feeling great is a wonderful combination and a great way to live!

By Mary Wozny

Source by Mary Wozny

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