Type 2 Diabetes and Weight Loss – Include Whole Grains in Your Diet To Help With Losing Weight

It may seem contradictory to suggest eating a high level of whole grains can lead to weight loss. If you were to take this statement literally, then it would be. There is no way eating more than anything could assist your weight loss efforts. If you choose not to take this literally, however, you will be able to consider the possibility it is true. Then you should ask yourself why it could be a good piece of advice.

Whole grains by themselves are not a solution. If you have a serious eating problem, there are likely many things you would need to change before you could lose weight. If your blood sugar is high, there is a good chance there were many factors that played a role in developing high blood sugar levels. So let us not expect eating significant amounts of whole grains is going to be the fix you have been looking for.

With that said, it does not have the potential to make a significant difference. When it comes to the food in your eating plan, nothing is negligible. Everything adds up. One small meal deemed to be right or wrong for you is indeed minor, but the habits that led you to eat it are not irrelevant. Eating whole grains is one of those habits with the potential to make a great difference in the long run. Why, exactly …

  • Unlike refined grains, whole grains are not excessively processed or "destroyed." This means they contain naturally-occurring micronutrients, they are not stripped away.
  • they are extremely high in fiber. Eat a couple of slices of bran or multi-grain bread, wait 5 minutes, and you should not crave more food for a while. Eat white bread instead, and you will want to keep eating.
  • Whole grain carbs are relatively low on the glycemic index (GI), particularly if they are "real" whole grain carbohydrates (some products will attempt to mislead you, eg, cereals).

To build on the GI point, the importance of the glycemic index factor can not be overstated. It is often due to a diet containing an abundance of high GI foods high blood sugar levels develop in the first place. By eating food with a lower GI, you can begin to stabilize your blood sugar levels. This will ease the condition you may be dealing with and put you in a better position to lose weight since blood sugar control is undeniably part of the weight loss equation.

So, how can eating more whole- grains help you lose more weight? As previously mentioned, there is the glycemic index factor. Then there is the satiety factor – you can eat the same amount of calories and feel full with whole grains as opposed to refined grains.

As an aside, whole grains are simply healthier. Fuel your body with quality nutrition. Ultimately, you will have an easier time with weight loss by stabilizing your blood sugar as well as your caloric intake.

Source by Beverleigh H Piepers

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