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Unconventional Weight Loss Secrets

Everyone knows that to lose weight we need to exercise and eat healthy. But, not everyone knows the hidden secrets that can help add to the weight lose while we exercise and eat healthy. Below is a list of simple changes we can make in our daily lives for a healthy life.

Bring the color blue into your life more often

In marketing I have learned that the color blue is never used to encourage people to eat. The color blue has a negative psychological effect towards the fast food market. In order to use the color blue there has to be a balance in how to use it in the home. Some have said to over use the color blue as in wearing blue, painting the kitchen blue, and so on. There should be a limit in the amount of blue to use. A blue table cloth or blue plates will make a difference and with out realizing it you will feel less hungry. I know it sounds crazy but in marketing it has a proved track record.

Have a vegetable platter ready

Having a platter dedicated for cut up raw vegetables out on the table an hour before lunch or dinner, will begin to curve your appetite. The way it works is that, when dinner is about an hour to be served, everyone in the house is now very hungry so they start to congregate around the kitchen. If a platter of vegetables is laid out on the table the family can have a healthy snack while preparing their stomachs to take on less food during the meal. This works wonders and the family will receive the vitamins needed from the vegetables.

First four ingredients on the label

This next step should be a rule especially for all parents. We need to read what is on the box not just the fancy and fun advertising that marketers have created but the fine print that gives all the nutrition information. We should always direct our eyes to the first 4 ingredients in every food product we purchase. Make sure that sugar in any form is not present in the first 4 ingredients. Sugar has many names in the food world. Sugar is also know as Corn syrup, Dextrose, Fructose, Glucose, High Fructose Corn Syrup, and many others.

No eating after a certain time

I have decided to not eat after seven in the evening. The difference that this is making has been amazing. The trouble with setting a time frame is not taking preventive actions to stop easting after the allowed time. I have taken a couple of psychological methods to help me to stop eating after seven. When seven o'clock comes around I make sure I am not near the kitchen and that I have a semi full belly from dinner. Then I wait about an hour by keeping myself busy like playing with the kids, talking with my wife or writing a blog post. After the hour is up I add water the tea kettle and wait for it to whistle. Then I make my favorite tea and have a relaxing night talking with my wife, watching a show, or surf on the web. After about a week the routine becomes a habit and the smell of the tea and the whistling of the kettle creates a psychological pinpoint of stopping hunger pains.

Add a dash of concentrated lemon juice in your daily water

Drinking 8 glasses of water a day is very difficult for those who are not use to drinking water. I have learned that adding a dash of concentrated lemon juice that I buy in a bottle and keep in the fridge will make it easier to drink. Drinking water is a necessity and finding creative ways to do it is very important for those who have a hard time.

Detach emotions from eating

Eating while emotional is a very dangerous combination for many people especially for parents. The high stress of caring for children can take its toll. Some people have a tendency to reach out to food when the emotions begin to get the best of them. When eating while emotional, the body does not have a switch to turn off the hunger since eating out of emotions is not tied to actual hunger. The best thing to do is detach emotions from eating by forming new habits like becoming more active, or reading a book, or even playing a video game when you feel the fake pains of hunger caused by emotions.

Source by Mario Saucedo

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