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Understanding Protein For Weight Loss

Today I would like to share with you the best way for EVERYONE and ANYONE who strength trainings regularly to be Fuelling AFTER Your Workout. So you’ve finished your workout, trained hard and now your body is hungry – screaming for food… What do you put in it? What’s going to help, what’s going to hinder your body..?

The simple answer is Protein… However this isn’t where it stops, understanding protein, which types and how to take it will ultimately lead to your results Skyrocketing…

Firstly let’s understand why we require this essential amino acid…

Protein is an organic compound composed of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen. One of the main functions of protein is to synthesize structural proteins like muscle. Your body uses protein to make structural and biochemical reactions that are required for muscular contraction, cardiovascular function and immunity from disease.

Protein is composed of 22 amino acids which are known as the building blocks of life. It is these building blocks from which protein molecules are created. Protein is broken down into enzymes. These enzymes begin breaking down the long amino acids chains into shorter amino acid chains.

Once they are broken down into this state, they are now able to be absorbed into the bloodstream. What you want is to ensure the quickest and most effective source of protein is used directly after your workout, since you want to flood your muscles with valuable amino acids at this time to increase anabolism and prevent muscle breakdown.

There are two main types of amino acids, essential and non-essential. The 9 essential amino acids cannot be manufactured by the human body so they must be obtained from the foods that you consume. Scientists have found that these amino acids play a major role in performance and recovery.

Biological value (BV) is a measure of the proportion of absorbed protein from a food which becomes incorporated into the proteins of the organism’s body. It summarises how readily the broken down proteins can be used in protein synthesis in the cells of the organism (this paragraph from wikipedia)

Here are the most valuable sources proteins required to prevent muscle breakdown;

Complete Proteins in their respective biological values:

  • Protein from Whey 106-159
  • Protein from Egg 100
  • Protein from Cow’s Milk 91
  • Protein from Casein 80
  • Protein from Soy 74
  • Protein from Fish 83
  • Protein from Beef 80
  • Protein from Chicken 79
  • Protein from Wheat Gluten 54
  • Protein from Kidney Beans 49


You need to be looking to get a good source of protein into your system at almost every meal (5-6 smaller meals per day) AND IMPORTANTLY get that post workout protein kick (20-30gms) of Whey Protein within 30 minutes of your session.

We have a few high quality shakes scientifically proven to ensure the correct amount of amino acids are released into your system to ensure your body replenishes quickly and efficiently from your session.

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Source by Christopher M Williams

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