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Using Active Rest Days to Promote Weight Loss and Repair

When training for any goal you need to take into account the importance of rest. Rest is just as important as training, letting your body grow and recovery from the intestinal workouts session. So when planning your workout routine ensure that you either split your routines to give work muscles a rest or take a rest day training days,

A rest day does not mean you have to stop training completely and lounge around at home, you can use what is called an "active rest" day. This is a day where you step away from your hard training, which should be intense and concentrate on a leisurely cardio session. This session should be low impact and performed at a steady pace through. In addition to this take sometime to stretch off and use a foam roller to iron out your muscles (Myofascial release (MFR) or if you have time I would recommend a sports massage.

What are the benefits of active rest?

* Extra calories burned without damaging muscle fibers.
* Increased blood flow through the body, aid recovery of muscles.
* Increases weight loss safely.
* Promote healthy joints.
* Increases metabolic rate, which will eliminate more fat.
* Your muscles will become more defined and stronger faster.

What can I use on active rest days?

* Treadmill or jogging outside
* Cycle bike or cycle outside
* Rowing machine (Well I suppose you could row on a lake?)
* Swim
* Cross trainer

All the above should be performed at a steady pace and I'm sure you can find many more activities, even walking that will help.

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