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Weight Loss – A Grave Compulsion?

"One out of every three American adults is obese" – this is the finding of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Nowadays there is so much ballyhoo created regarding obesity that it is a very tricky subject especially in America. It has led to many young people developing dangerous eating disorders like bulimia, anorexia, etc.

An unreasonable fear of increasing weightrings about malnutrition and wrong eating patterns, and results in unhealthy weight loss ailment. This affliction of Anorexia is an antentimes noticed among young girls in teens. Bulimia is another alarming eating ailment noticed very often -mostly among ladies. A person afflicted with Bulimia has a habit of compulsive overeating most often followed by use of laxative or self-induced vomiting; sometimes diuretic abuse also is noted. Many a times this is followed by feeling of despair and remorse.

Losing weight in itself is neither good nor bad. In your fight against poor health, you bought to know when you need to lose weight and when not. Uncalled for and inappropriate weight loss is liable to cause more harm than good; it can result in irreparable harm to your health even culminating in death.

Many women embark on weight loss because they are not as thin as their favorite model or actor forgetting the long workouts that these "role models" have to do, supervised by their personal trainers, for staying in shape. The pictures of their well toned bodies that you see in magazines, etc are airbrushed photos and not a reality. If your body weight is normal, losing weight further is no necessary for you, even if your favorite celebrity has better figure than you have.

Sometimes people tend to be quite cruel and pass rude comments about your looks, but bear in mind that everyone's build is different. If your weight is within the normal range for someone of your height and age, and you are happy with your weight, just ignore those rude remarks which probably stem from some other reasons. Somebody's rude comment about your looks is no reason for you to lose weight.

Everyone's body is different, and there are genetic reasons also that determine your build. Losing weight is a very personal option. Look at the recommended weight for someone of your size as a start; if you are more than 20 pounds overweight, losing the excess pounds is important for your health. Do consult your doctor if you desire to lose weight. He can conform whether or not there is a need for you to lose weight. Be happy with yourself and eat a healthy diet and you need not worry about losing weight. This is the best way to remain healthy.

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