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Weight Loss and Eating Out

For years I struggled with weight loss and healthy eating when dining out. I even stopped dining out at one point because I was afraid I would lose control and overeat thus hindering my weight loss.

However I was lucky, and I have some friends who understood my struggles with meal plans, weight loss and healthy eating. They showed me how to quickly develop healthy eating meal plans for any occasion that would not interfere with my weight loss.

My friends reminded me that we are the paying customer and we can request simple changes to our meals. You’ll find that restaurants are very willing to accommodate your healthy eating request when it is possible.

Simple restaurant healthy eating requests are:

  • When possible request white meat instead of dark meat.
  • Have our chicken or fish grilled instead of fried.
  • Go light on the cheese, cream, butter, oil, etc…
  • Request your baked potato with everything on the side.
  • Order my sandwich without cheese or mayonnaise and add extra lettuce, tomatoes and mustard.
  • Make your omelet with just the egg whites and go light on the cheese.
  • Request marinara sauce instead of the white creamy one used in the dish.
  • Instead of French fries, request a side salad with dressing on the side minutes before your entree.

Over time these simple requests become second nature and in today’s health conscience society simple meal plans and restaurant requests are very common.

Simple healthy meal plans for dining out is not rocket science:

Develop your dining out plan in advance – If possible review the restaurant menu online and decide on the healthiest meal that you’d enjoy and stick to it. This one step alone has caused me to consider a different restaurant if I couldn’t fine a meal that was even somewhat healthy.

Before dining out, eat a small healthy snack – The strategy really works, if you are hungry but not starving when you arrive at the restaurant, you ‘ll eat slowly and enjoy your meal rather than overeating and hating yourself later for losing control.

Always load up on vegetables – Unless the vegetables fried or soaked in oil or butter, you cannot go wrong with extra vegetables. Vegetables are very low in calories, high in fiber and loaded with other beneficial nutrients, and have almost no adverse affect on blood sugar levels.

Include a lean protein source – If you order a large salad ask your waiter to add grilled chicken or cottage cheese.

Make simple, healthier changes to the meals you enjoy – If you only order what you think you should rather that what you really want, you may be satisfied physically, but not psychologically… and will most likely crave something more… and end up making poor choices later on. Eat slowly and drink plenty of water if you want your meal plans to be successful.

Listen to your body – Stop eating when you begin to feel full, not necessarily when your plate is empty. No one says you have to eat the entire meal – box it up and enjoy the rest later.

Oh course always use some common sense when it comes to healthy eating too. Eat smaller portions, increase the number of small meal you have during the day and limit your intake of sugar in any form, complex carbs such as white rice, all white breads etc… BON APPETIT

Source by B. William Johnson

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