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Weight Loss – Best Way to Lose Weight

Slow and sure, that is the best possible way of going about bringing a change in your body. The rapid and quick way of losing weight in ten days by drastic measures like cutting your diet will also entail a loss of energy. On the other hand rapid exercise with the aim of losing weight will lead to stretched muscles, reduced physical fitness and in extreme and rare cases injuries and fitness issues. It is therefore, best to design a healthy and scheduled plan for the goal of losing weight so that when you get you body back in shape, your spirits and activities are also at their usual best.

With constant and gradual increase in physical activities, one is more likely to start getting back in shape. This increase in activities can be brought about by replacing few practices in daily life. This can be initiated with more walk and less driving, taking the stairs instead of lift, participating more in household chores and instead of spending lunch breaks in offices or restaurants, going to parks for a walk and so on. Also smaller laps of running and exercising at gyms for smaller sessions will be helpful. While going to gym proves useful and is the method used by most of the people looking for shedding some pounds, it may seem boring and monotonous to many. The need of the hour is simple physical activity. Take up dancing, swimming, walk around parks or hiking and other such manners that will be entertaining as well as helpful in your endeavors.

In order to lose weight efficiently and without losing your energy, slowly increase your levels of activity and decrease the amount of calories that are consumed daily. Fattening food must be avoided and side by side, make it a habit to eat slowly and chew well. Likewise, another time-tested way of reducing weight and regaining shape is to avoid the untimely hunger pangs. To eat only on the designated times will help you reduce the weight in a slow but permanent manner. Drinking more water will also help in a rapid reduction of weight. Not only will this practice help you fight the hunger pangs and stop you from eating additional foods of food, it will also keep the skin glowing and healthy while you are on your diet and having less to eat than normal. In the same way, drinking a glass full of water before meals will also greatly help in reduction of the food intake. Leaving the table before you are fully stuffed is also very important in these diet schedules.

Drinking alcohol and other carbonated drinks is also a major way of putting on extra calories and weight. While cutting down on this might not be easy, it will be a major step towards a healthy reduction in weight.

In the end remember that the most effective and permanent way of losing weight and toning your body is by changing your life style for the better. And no quick fix can help you.

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