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Weight Loss Cost

The real weight loss cost can not be measured in dollars. The real
cost of being over weight or obese is in relations, quality of
life and shortened life span.

Relationship with bosses, friends, opposite sex and even family
are affected by our physical appearance. Regardless of what we chose
to say or wait to believe, our relationship options are limited
by our physical appearance. We can be down graded to a friend or
rejected for the "job", because we do not fit the image of the
person doing the choosing.

If you are really overweight, your body must work harder which
shortens your life span. The body wears out faster and loses the
ability to function. If you work out hard and longer to stay in
shape, you face the possible damage to your body which can effect
your quality of life. Very few things can effect you quality of
life like back pain or knee pain. The answer must be between these
two extremes.

Most people are unaware of why they fail at weight loss time after
time, but they keep trying which makes the weight loss industry a
big business. People's failure at weight loss or maintaining them
desired weight is that the time and effort needed to burn off the
excess pounds sees beyond our ability to maintain over a longer
period. when life gets in the way, our motivation weakens, we skip
secessions and the weight returns.

Conventional wisdom is that large amounts of time and effort are
required in exercising for weight loss. "NO PAIN-NO GAIN" is the
quote. This does work, but it is outdated like comparing a horse
and buggy to a vehicle. Both will get you to where you want to go, but one does it faster, easier and more comfortable.

We can accept access to the internet on our cell phones and other
amazing technology, but refused to believe that we have developed a
machine, which can in ten minutes a day with no sweat, cause one to
lose weight and even maintain that weight loss in 10 minutes daily for the rest of your life.

Source by Ed Grinder

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