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Weight Loss Diet and Exercise

I'm about to let you in on the secret of weight loss. It's as simple as reducing the intake and burning up the existing. That's it, there could not be anything simpler. The problem with most is that they concentrate on what they can eat vs.. what they should not. Home much cake can I have and still loose weight? How many snacks are allowed on this diet? Do I have to drink 8 glasses of water a day?

Now I'm not going to tell you that a specific product or plan does or does not work, but if you break things down to their simplest form and get your mind right to deal with it, weight loss can be accomplished and you can keep the weight off too. You'll need to consider one thing before all this can happen and that is "do you really want to loose weight"?

To get a point in life where you have had it with being "fat" and you want to fix this, you'll need to change what got you there in the first place. Most of us say "when I was in high school, I did not weight this much and I ate almost anything". We'll here's the wake up call for you, you're not back in the good old days and your body has changed. Your metabolism has slowed, your life style has slowed and your body has changed over time. No longer can you get into the diet that you had as a teenager. Something must give or you'll just get larger as you get older.

What you need to do it learn to eat as well as exercise. You may say, I already know how to eat, look at the weight I've gained. No; you need to eat properly. It's not really a secret, but you have to learn to eat less, eat better, and break the 3 meals a day routine.

The first thing you need to do is eat when you're hungry and not by a clock. Your brain is telling your body that there is more fuel necessary to continue going and your intake lasts until the brain shuts down that hunger feeling. If you answer that call as soon as it starts, you have a better control over what you eat and how much.

Next, you need to eat slower that what you did in the past. Turn off the other distractions such as radio, television or mp3 player and occupy your mind with what you're doing. Think about the food and how you eat. It's one of the hardest habits to change, but you need to do it to loose the weight you want.

Now eat better foods. You can not drop pounds when you eat pizzas, Big Macs, or what other fast food you get. You need grains, vegetables and cereals in your diet. Steaks and burgers are fine in moderation, but pork and fish can help you too. Snacks are another thing your need to concentrate on. You're not 16 any more and Twinkies is not the answer to curbing the appetite. Try celery, carrots, apples and oranges.

Exercise to burn the additional weight. You do not have to do marathon running, just get your body moving and set up a routine. You need to burn the weight you put on by jump starting your body's furnace. A minimum of 20 minutes a day can give you great strides and give you results.
Set goals that are reachable. One week goals of what it is you're going to eat and how much exercise you can do is a lot easier than trying to set the same thing for the annual summer goal. Once you reach one goal, set another.

Plan your meals ahead of time. Most of us find that we do not pay attention to this and we struggle on what we want to eat at a given meal. Many of us turn to fast food as a way to fix this. Plan and set aside easy instructions or maybe even get you food prepared ahead of time.
If you follow these steps you can change the way your body looks for the better. What's more, you will get healthier than you have been in the past. Good luck and good health.

Source by Tom Rooney

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