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Weight Loss Diet Journal

To accomplish long-term weight loss, it is important to find out your eating habits. When you write in a diet journal, you can track and detail every food consumed. This is an effective way to find out how you feel about what you eat, and you can look back and write down your thoughts. Perhaps one day you feel under stress and consume a lot of sugar or salt, or other days you eat healthily because you feel good in yourself. Write down when you felt positive or negative.

A diet journal will help to keep track of the meals consumed each day, portion sizes, and the time it was consumed. For instance, do you eat breakfast, which is importance for long-term weight loss, or do you eat late at night? What about binges, and when do these take place? A diet journey is important and may help you change your bad eating habits over time. Do you snack a lot at work or at the weekend? What about boredom at work or at home, does this make you turn to food as comfort?

Record each meal, the calorie consumption of the meal, if known, and, most of all, how you felt afterwards. For instance, were you bored or actually hungry for food? Did you try a glass of water when you felt hunger pants to see if it was really anyway? Did you eat the meal slowly or quickly? Note down everything. Keeping a diet journal may make it easier to stick to a long-term weight loss plan because you will realize the triggers that make you crave certain foods and the moods encountered at the time. Did you feel happy, stressed, or sad after the meal, or perhaps fatigued and lethargic? Keeping a diet journal, even over a short space of time will help you learn about your eating patterns.

If this does not appeal or seems too time consuming, record it on a dictaphone instead, or speak your thoughts and feelings out loud to yourself to see if they make you feel better. A diet journal is effective; especially when you take into account the many diet pill reviews and effective dietary supplements which can help a person lose weight over the long term.

Each time you consume a food supplement or meal, pull out your diary, and record it immediately. Do you feel that supplements really work for you, and what are the long-term effects of each one? Have you searched and looked on the best diet review websites to find out about the best diet pills available on the market today? Do they help the body lose weight over the long-term or do they increase the metabolism through thermogenesis.

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