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Weight Loss Exercise Plan

When you are trying to lose weight in a consistent manner and seriously, you need to consult your doctor and fitness instructor who will chalk out a proper weight loss exercise plan that is tailor made and appropriate for you.


Yoga has its hardcore followers as well as detractors when it comes to weight loss. But it has been proven that certain yogic postures do help to trigger weight loss if combined with other forms of exercise.

You can practice the following –
Hatha yoga
Warrior pose
Archer pose
Kundalini yoga and yogic kriyas
Power yoga
Sun salutations
Vinyasa yoga
Ashtanga yoga

Most of these are aggressive forms of exercises which will make you break out in a sweat and involve abdominal crunches, dance and shake moves, jumping, deep squats, pacing, jogging, arm raising etc. These are really beneficial but you need to practice them under expert supervision.

Aerobic exercise

When you combine power yoga with aerobic exercises, the results will be visible in a few weeks.


However, most fitness experts and past benefactors will swear by resistance training, weight lifting and muscle building exercises which are considered as the best weight loss tools in the book. Combine these with cardiovascular exercises and watch your calories burn super fast.

These exercises listed above are metabolism accelerators and performing these exercises regularly will help you to burn your fat with ease.

Opt for regular doses of swimming and aquatic weight loss exercises. It is difficult to cheat the water for water creates greater resistance and you have to exert yourself really hard, which will result in rapid weight loss.

An hour of running every day, preferably out doors will work wonders. If it is not possible to run outdoors, you can opt for running on your treadmill.

Cycling, jogging, walking briskly 10000 steps a day, playing outdoor games of your choice like tennis, soccer, cricket, baseball, basketball, playing golf without the cart, practicing martial arts will all help you to lose significant amounts of weight.

Always climb up the stairs, walk down to the grocery store, take your dog out for an airing, play with your children in the park, do household chores. The key to losing weight is to give up your couch potato habits for good and embracing a healthy active lifestyle. Kick your sedentary ways.

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