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Weight Loss – Fat Farms For Kids

You saw it on TV. Obesity has stuck our kids in America. Yes the problem of obesity appears in black, Hispanic and white children. In reality it starts before birth. Yes the eating patterns of parents tend to show up in the children of overweight and obese parents.

There is a high obesity rates in all children throughout the United States. One factor is the family, but so are cultural customs, beliefs and attitudes. When I was a kid we ate at home. Mom cooked up homemade breakfast, lunch and dinner meals. The result was that we all were healthy, seldom had colds and typical sicknesses.

We also had jobs to do in the house. My jobs were scrubbing the kitchen floor every two days. I had to make my bed every day – no messes in our house. I also had to keep the coal furnace in the winter stoked up, and ashes cleaned out. I was responsible for regulating the temperature in the house. I had to get up in the middle of the night to throw a few more shovels of coal in the furnace to keep it going. Guess what I acquired that responsibility starting at the age of 8 years old.

I can count the times we went out as a family to eat. Yes once for Thanksgiving and once for Easter that was it. Hey we were fed well and no one in the family was overweight. We had physical activities – stick ball with the street kids – base ball and football in the school yard – cowboys and Indians – king of the mountain, daily bike riding and more. We ran and played so hard daily that I wore holes in a new pair of sneakers every three months.

We did not have sit down computer games. We did not have lazy attitudes. Every kid had chores to perform at their house. If we get out of line we got whooped and good by our loving parents.

Things are different today. There are so many kids today that are overweight, physically inactive playing computer games, have no chores, no zeal, no aspirations, lazy, smart mouth and disrespect their parents. In the modern society parents are told not to spank or discipline their children etc. The whole problem today in our society is ATTITUDE. Here we have our product a young overweight and obese generation and getting worse all the time.

All of the above circumstances and more can increase chances of child hood obesity. This takes in consideration eating and sleeping habits in infancy and early childhood and mothers smoking during pregnancy. As a result there are signs of inflammation in obese children as young as 3 years old. These have been linked with obesity in adults and are thought to increase chances for developing heart disease. The thought is that fat cells in the body can cause inflammation and vessel damage.

People are not fans of the first lady Michelle Obama due to her cringing apt but she has now campaign against childhood obesity. Yes is this the future for Americas kids – FAT FARMS? Basically the public is ignoring this epidemic although it is becoming today so overwhelming.

Source by John Russell Schmidt

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