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Weight Loss For Adults

One day I was sitting at home and I got a wedding invitation from a good high school friend of mine. I was excited, but nervous at the same time because I had put on quite a bit of weight since high school. I knew that I needed to do something about my weight. My weight has been like a roller coaster my whole life, I could always lose the weight but I could never keep it off. I have tried all sorts of programs like Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, & Herbal Magic and they all worked; but once I was off their program I earned the weight right back, and fairly quickly as well. I have been very frustrated at trying to lose weight and keep it off, and I was beginning to feel like there was no hope. I had done some research and some searching for weight loss programs for adults, read reviews and still was not convinced by any of the diet programs that were available. I did not want to lose weight and then gain it right back after I was off the pills or the diet program. I wanted a weight loss system that would no make me break the bank, let me eat good foods, lose weight fast, not starve myself, and not take any pills. I thought this was impossible to find.

I needed to lose weight fast. I had 3 months before the wedding and I wanted to look and feel my best. Then I came across this site that had a review of this new weight loss system for adults called Strip That Fat. The review was very comprehensive and had a good scope of the product. It mentioned that the diet program was complete with everything from a diet and meal generator to a calorie counter, to recipes that sounded really great! On strip that fat review.com it informed me that the diet and meal generator would allow you to pick foods you love from a list and it would generate a 14 day meal plan for you as well as a grocery list you could print out and take to the store. This was what really made my eye. Not only would it create the meals for you it, makes the grocery list as well as gives you great recipes to make. This sounded like the diet program I was looking for, now the question was how much will this cost?

After reading the review at strip that fat review I went to the product site to check out the cost involved with a weight loss system of this nature. I thought that it was going to be a costly monthly membership that would potentially suck my wallet dry. I was very pleased to find out that they had two levels of membership and that it was a one time fee for a lifetime membership. The two levels they have are gold and platinum, for $ 47 and $ 57. Then I thought this was a scam. All of this for that cheap, you have to be kidding me. I did some more reading on the internet for adult weight loss system and this Strip That Fat system kept coming up everywhere. I went back to the site and did some further reading and uncovered that it had a 60 day money back guarantee. This sealed the deal for me, I now had nothing to lose.

I went and purchased the platinum membership because it had a few extras like the 30 healthy recipes, calorie counting worksheet and the calworries guide. All of these bonuses were worth the extra $ 10 to me. The calworries guide is a bonus second diet program that they include to help you lose more weight fast and keep it off. I was very excited to try this program and get back into shape for the wedding.

I started the program about 4 months ago now, and I have lost 45 pounds. I am ecstatic! When the wedding arrived I had lost 35 pounds and my friends were amazed. I was feeling great and looking great to, and the best part was people noticed. Through this diet program I have been missing between 5 to 7 pounds a week, and keeping it off thanks to the meal generator and the recipe guide. Strip That Fat is by far the best program I have ever used because it really shows you how to not only lose the weight but to keep it off too. Keeping the weight off was my biggest problem and now it has been solved. I am not only happier and full of energy, but I feel better too!

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