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Weight Loss Fundamentals

After a recent visit to a few different weight loss forums I have become concerned. Is there a new trend in people moving away from weight loss fundamentals? In some of the forums I visited people posted all kinds of different links to websites that had exercise videos. They posted comments like "The videos really show you how to do the different exercises!". So what's wrong with this picture?

1. Imagine how much time it takes to surf the web and find a quality fitness website. Now multiply that time by the number of people posting on weight loss forums. All this time was spent sitting in front of a computer inactive. If they used that same amount of time to briskly walk, chances are they would have lost weight. Do not get me wrong, these are very intelligent people, but they're getting away from the fundamentals.

2. I have personally lost a lot of weight. Losing weight is hard, but it's not complicated. There are a million simplistic exercises that do not require a video to show you how to do them. If you learn from a video there is no one to point out your mistakes and you may injure yourself!

3. Most web surfer's computers are not located in a gym or matted areas. I'm at my computer right now. If I attempted a cartwheel my legs would hit the wall and my head would hit the TV. The only exercise I would get would be working out my mouth by drinking my food through a tube in the hospital. Exercise videos on computers do not seem very practical to me.

4. Lastly, never once did I see any post that tracked exercise progress or the number of calories obtained from meals. For example, I would have liked to see the following post; "Today I added up the total number of calories I consumed. In my workout today I will burn more calories than I consumed. I exercise using an activity that I love. Every week I increase the activity of duration, frequency, or intensity so I ' m steadily progressing towards my weight loss goal. "

From this article I hope you learn one short but important rule; Never follow trends, follow fundamentals!

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