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Weight Loss Motivation – Motivation For Losing Weight

What you need is a constant weight loss motivation that would lead you to an end of a successful diet. What have you tried? Putting up a Paris Hilton poster on the ceiling above your bed? Or did you buy a skirt of double zero size and hung it up on your wall? These might work for the first couple of days, but after a while it would have no to anything, because you would be too used to looking at it. So, where do we get weight loss motivation that would always make us feel guilty every time we take a bite of that chocolate cake?

Fist of all, you need a reason to lose weight.

Take a little bit of time looking for why you want to lose weight. Maybe your crush looks to only date hot skinny girls. You want to make a good impression at the job interview. Or maybe you want to go to the pool or the beach any time of the year you want, and show off what you've got, just like the cool girls used to back in high school. I promise you, it is not too late for that, even when you are 35 and had two kids already.

Second, make special occasions frequently.

Get together with your people and make special occasions where you must look amazing. It could be prom, nice diner with dresses and suits, or even a special night with your lovers (wink, wink). Do not plan those occasions too close to one another though, because dressing up would seem like a normal thing, and you will not care anymore.

Thirdly, take pictures of yourself in swimming suit.

This works very well. I understand that you would be scared to take a picture of your body in swimming suits but you need to realize where you are with the diet. Do not suck in your belly. Relax, and be natural. The uglier, the better, at this stage.

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