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Weight Loss Motivation Tips

OK. I got to the point of mentally being conscious about eating healthy and losing weight. But, what weight loss motivation tips could I actually use on a daily basis to stay on track?

If there is one thing I have learned in 56 years on this planet, it's that most people will only make a change in their habits when the pain of making that change is less than the burden of continuing the habit and what it produces. However, everyone has a different pain threshold and tricks to either ignore or justify the pain, at least to a point. If the habit is a bad one, it means you check out early if you do not make some changes. Personally, I kinda like it here. So, I thought I might try to hang around for awhile.

First, get yourself some good scales and stand on them every morning. After a week or so of being good, you will see lower numbers and that is motivation in itself. Next, go to the mall or any big box retailer and just look around. Notice how many people are overweight. Then notice how many are riding around on handicapped scooters just because they are too big to walk! That's what motivated me. Mercy! It's a cryin 'shame. I realize there are exceptions, but not that many! Next, lower your threshold of what your willing to put with about yourself. Even if your spouse or whoever thinks your fine, but you know your not, then make yourself uncomfortable and decide to make the necessary changes now. Look at where you want to be in six months and vow to be there.

If you are getting a good 30 minutes or more of fairly intense exercise, 4 or more days a week, you will start to feel like a champion. This is key! I can firmly attest to the fact that after just three weeks of combining weights and aerobics I gained not only momentum in weight loss, but I felt so much better. And the better I felt, the more I wanted to feel that way. It does not take long to figure out, even for me, that the changes I had made were the reasons I felt so much better and had so much more energy. I promise. Just make it through that first 3 to 4 weeks and you will notice such a difference, you will be able to look that fried chicken straight in the crust and just smile and walk away.

I have always felt that motivation really comes from within based mostly on external factors. For me, tips for weight loss motivation came from a combination of getting older and seeing the future, combined with seeing the truly handicapped not able to use a scooter because they were all taken by fat people. Be happy!

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