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Weight Loss Product Purchases

Weight loss products and or supplements are going to be purchased, it is a given. It is currently a billion dollar industry, preying on the uninformed, the hopeful and the desperate. Who would not want an easy solution to excess weight and who really wants to do it the hard way. Since many go down this path, there are few things to be wary of when before purchasing these products.


Dieting products are costly. Some may confuse high price with quality or effectiveness but not take into consideration the high advertising costs of a competitive weight loss industry. Some simple tablets that claim weight loss only have a single ingredient. Lipozene is one such product that consist only of glucomannan, which can be easily substituted with glucomannan supplements at a fraction of the cost.

Product policy

Some places will unduly have unethical business practices. Default automatic billing, billing a 'full' price after a period of time has elapsed and no money back guarantee are some of the things to watch out for when purchasing a product. Also beware of two for one deals or bulk buying when you are unsure how well the product will work.


Under the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994, safety is left up to the manufacturers. The Federal drug administration is only responsible for checking safety after it is released onto the market. The other problem is that there is no formal regulation for quality control within the industry, potentially having variations in dosage between batches or brands. Stimulants (especially herbal) are common ingredients in products, among other seldom studied components that can interact with medication or preexisting conditions. It is in your best interest to know what is in a pill, because extremely you are suffering the consequences if something goes wrong.

Check the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for fines or warnings

There is no quicker way to undermine confidence in a product than being picked up by the FTC. The FTC will fine for unsubstantiated claims and given the amount of claims out there about weight loss abilities, they will hit for the more outlandish ones. Some of the more popular products have been hit by the FTC, but still manage to generate enough sales to be in business. This may not be the case if more people were aware of FTC fines or warnings.

Take your time

There are a lot of products out there, offering the same thing. Weight loss without effort. Some may work modestly, some less than that, and some not at all. If time is not taken to a product, you might find yourself going from one hopeless thing to another and burn a hole in your pocket at the same time. Do not get excited and impulse buy from something seen on television, it can wait a single night for you to look it over properly.


Make sure the reviews of a product are not on sales sites. Where possible, look for objective reviews as there is no ulterior motive to give the product a positive review.

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