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Weight Loss Secret

Is there really a secret to weight loss? The question has mystified the society of the overweight, aspiring to cross that bridge to fitness. Until today after a zillion diet and fitness systems propagated in the market, there are more questions than answers.

Most of the weight challenged people have gone through the revolving doors of countless weight loss programs. The advertised promises, reinforced by the photogenic smiles of a willowy Aphrodite and / or a sinewy Achilles, ignite their mundane enthusiasm. A little nudge here, a discount sweetener there and soon everyone and her aunt are en route to an Annie-bar-your-door turn of event.

Unfortunately this religious fervor slowly fizzes. Old resolves weakens. After a few months of relatively triumphant battles over their bulges, there follows a torrent of imagined excuses, feebly interrupted by temporary guilt over the expense, efforts squandered and time consumption.

Strangely enough Most of these patented weight loss systems really work. The secrets claimed say the same things because their source is nurtured by the same philosophy that produces tangible results. In fact initial measured statistics impressed the users such that they were encouraged to stay in the program for weeks, for months. But the mystery of the human spirit bedevils that happy scenario. True to that biblical saying, "the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak", their willingness crumbles after a smidgen of epicurean provocations. It is back to square one.

The lamentations over failures though are as short-lived as the next more scintillating assurances of another health innovation taking the world by storm. As the old aphorism states, "hope springs eternal in the human heart". Here are the sentiments of these health aspirants that are resuscitated. The new popular health craze regenerates past aspirations and their return to the old routine starts all over again. Initial successes supplanted by consequent failures highlight their existence. Ultimately they make a career of continually facing up to the real enemy inside.

Where did the process fail? If many of this health stuff function well, what secrets are there to facilitate this journey for all who have been struggling to mend their battered egos and control the urges of genes gone amok?

The answer: this weight loss secret is right there before everyone's eyes the whole time. It is the proverbial white elephant in the room nobody can see because nobody wants to see it. Yet a little logic, a grade school math, and a bit of common sense are all one needs to grasp the truth. Indeed whatever amount of calories one ingests must be expended by a greater amount of energy to get rid of the excess. To wit, 1000 calories in and 1500 calories out through exercise equal weight loss. On the other hand, 1000 calories in and only 999 calories out via whatever equal weight gain. Anyone can look at that in any angle, do a little addition and subtraction, think and rationalize a bit, and the same result will come out. Always!

To conclude, the failure really is in the weight challenged who are forever trying to figure out that illusive weight loss secret AND hoping that the next new promotion will definitely not require any diet, any exercise and it will bring about the desired transformation in the body IMMEDIATELY.

The last words and a friendly advice from here about a true secret: that slick ability to mesmerize the universe to continue jumping and believing there is a pie in the sky, that is the industry secret !!

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